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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Born to be Relentless

I have witnessed throughout my life, multiple great atrocities; I've witnessed the failure and regression of people born capable, but taught otherwise nearly since birth. I've witnessed indiscretion upon trainers, teachers, parents, politicians, spokesman, Leaders, sports players, veteran's, corporation's and virtually every significant entity that exists in America. I've witnessed times of good judgement as well - but the consistency is appalling. I've witnessed intolerance by young and old, and I've witnessed arrogance by all. There's a movement towards egotism, and there's a new trend that's been brewing, and has manifested - the trend of total narcissism both in those who didn't make it and in those who did.  Even so, those who have climbed the steps to the top now carry with them arrogance in fear of losing what they have gained.

All who gain significant power are afraid to lose it

Why are people so filled with strife that one's success in the world has to be paralleled by an equivalent sense of paranoia!!!? Why is this necessary? The colliding of forces perhaps, an enigma on one end can never be trusted, out of the ordinary is deemed insane! Do any of you ever stop to look at ANY of this. People must grab a hold of their conscience before it slips away completely - into the black hole of this infected and ever-primal world. 

Now it was once said that if you become all instinct, and know not love or peace that this would happen. 

There's unnecessary heartache in the world because people only have the shield of arrogance in defense to the first attack, instead of dissolving this with peace, or forgive and forget, people rage back. People, need to move on and find a new path. If more did this, then they wouldn't be so focused on an unnecessary battle, with incalculable ends, and with treacherous consequences. Besides, if there is one thing we should be focusing our anger on, it's the state of economy and government that sweeps most of us into misery every day, that precedes daily conflict amongst normal humans.

Therefore, to keep what you have gained (it is not easy to not be paranoid), you must keep the people's hearts who have supported you....who knows when you may fall incapable of dealing with a circumstance..or two. If you underestimate what can happen, it is a problem, but this should then apply to everything. Therefore, territorial and rude to underlings and subordinates at work or in an organization, because things *can* fall apart, this....this is the manifestation, of your fear, and this is why FEAR CORRUPTS.

Yes, fear is one of the most (if not the most) corrupt emotions in many circumstances, it is a dark emotion that leads to violence, hatred and unending peril and suffering amongst men. When you fear excessively, this spreads like wildfire to those who know you well, and if they get wind of this, now hostility is present, but if you can rid that fear, or remove it with logic, now you have the capability to put others at ease as well!

In a work environment, this applies, in a home environment, this applies, in a school or college, this applies. If positivity doesn't exist and everyone surrounded themselves with fear, who would trust each other? No one. Why ? Fight or Flight. A constant adrenaline rush upon humanity? No one can get along this way. This is where it is getting towards, more and more people and groups of people are so isolated, even when being right next to each other, people are afraid to talk because when a persons attitude carries with them a constant sense of fear and aversion, it makes others wonder, and get nervous.

One person can change an entire room, town, city, country, or even the world, simply by letting his aura be made so strongly manifest, and having a relentless desire for change, that it creates a "charge" in the atmosphere of energies we live in.

This is the philosophy I take with me today... 

It is the philosophy of better days, the philosophy of a better future; or at least a future where some are worthy to be among the reformers who rejuvenate honesty, respect, and a more traditional image of power. 

I will continue to write, because with me is a relentless spirit, who sets goals and accomplishes them, and with every set back is the desire to push forward two times stronger, this has been true since I was 5 years old, and will continue to be. I may be on the brink of madness at times, but I surely will maintain sanity when needed, and whatever else is necessary. I will take every tool needed for every journey, and endure. 

I am more than a strong and courageous spirit, I am one divinely inspired, motivated to obtain, and motivated to inform. Motivated to inspire, and motivated to Lead, strength in battle, strength in the mind, and the strength to move forward. 

Relentless then, relentless now. Born to be Relentless.


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