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Saturday, May 24, 2014

{Area-1255} Official Review ::: ErgoGenix ::: ErgoBLAST {Area-1255}

Alright folks, brand new review here. This time it's from one of my favorite companies - ErgoGenix. I've used their cortisol control supplement (ErgoBolic) before and was very impressed with the results. It felt a little more than natural to me and was a very strong aid when doing a bulk last summer. I've also used ErgoShred and it gave me a very prominent buzz, but not even jittery in the least.  This time,. I'm reviewing ErgoBlast, A new Pre-Workout from them. 

I've only taken it a couple days now, and I can say energy boost from it is very noticeable. I've noticed very strong pumps before even getting into the second set of bench. 

I will be reviewing both flavors; Pineapple Mango and Strawberry Kiwi

Pineapple Mango
(Tastes like Powerade)

Was very Impressed with the taste, put a few ice cubes in with Fiji water - I gotta say, it's like Powerade or better!!!

Now today was a plain old bench press and chest press day.
About ten minutes after drinking it, the first thing I noticed was a very profound sense of focus; focused on the entire "to do list" of workouts. I was anxious to get to the Gym, and very amped to get going. I felt as if nothing mattered except the workout, now, normally it takes me a little while to get going and I need more of a warm up - not with this. I nearly blazed past the check in counter. I blasted out 50 military push-ups to get ready.

Started stacking the weights on bench press...this is where it gets good. Right in the middle of the first set, I got a crazy surge of focus. "Tunnel-Vision" my friends. Like nothing else mattered. 

Now before even getting to the second set, the pumps were already amazing. Vascularity is noticeable - though normally my veins are pretty prominent; they are especially engorged with this product.

Continuing on throughout the set, the Weights are actually feeling lighter, I did squeez out 4 extra reps even on the second set - though I am using high Repetition/moderate weight anyway.

I usually max out on the last set.

Third set - 5 extra reps, maybe today is a really good day, but I'm not distracted by anything....

DAY TWO (Logging)
Warmed up with Weighted Dips and Pull-ups. Strong, immediate, sense of motivation today as well, pumps are +++10. 
Did Squat's and Deadlifts today, no hesitation! Kept going finished and then even did a few reps on the bench (even though today is not bench day).
Did push-ups til failure last set and felt as though I could keep going! 
When I got home I did three more sets of push-ups (50x each) and that was it! (Normally wouldn't have)
Really liking this product!

Definitely no bloating to report, but that's typical with the Con-Cret. No other side-effects except a little facial flushing and something that kind of resembled a niacin flush (only lasted like 15 seconds). 
Tomorrow is a rest day so I will post again Thursday.

(Today I tried Strawberry Kiwi - and this is also an easy 5/5, very tasty!)

rest day

Day Three 
Kicked out 7 more reps than usual on the Pull-Up bar today, on the last set which usually drops!
Also did Legs today, both added 3 reps on set (4) and added weight as well. (!)
When I went for a run today, I got a bad headache and actually slowed down my pace halfway (ran 4 miles).. however allergies are kicking up around now as well. So it's too be expected.

All-round my strength has definitely been up and endurance as well. 
Differences are clear and noticeable.
No side-effects to report. Will keep logging.

(#8 Post) 
Stuff started to clump together today....

Anyhow, this is my Strawberry Kiwi review.


Once again, 5/5 taste. I'm not sure which one I like better as I like them both alot.

Did 4 sets of Barbell Squats (8 reps each) and 3 sets of Power Cleans today. (5 reps/= each)
Pump's are still great, focus in unreal. Aggression is "enhanced" on this due to the fact I am entirely focused on the workout, nothin else.
Also did roughly 600 push-ups today - military.

UPDATE : Strawberry Kiwi definitely leans on the sour bitter side - but dammit I love both of em!

When I got home, I did another 200 push-ups. That's 800. Goin for Chest again on Monday.


Today was supposed to be a rest day but I ended up doing some Squats and on the bench press once more. A masterful 15 reps at 250 - 4 more than usual for a first set. Strong ****.
Chest workout today, Chest Press + Bench Press + Butterflies...!
Pump is unreal! Energy + Focus = Overdrive. 
Extra reps on all workouts; +5 on bench (set2/3) and + 6 on last set of chest press. 
Also ran 3 miles. No headache this time either.


DAY 6 + 7
Did a hella lot of Cardio these days - noticed Vascularity is insane lately.
This stuff is the ****!
I thought Assault was good, this is better!
Plus I don't get the tingling and histamine response with this one.
Folks, ergoBlast is where it's at!


1.) Both Flavors are Easy 5/5 - the Strawberry Kiwi is noticeably sour and the Pineapple Mango is extremely sweet. Mix with plenty of water and you've got yourself an energizing treat that tastes like Powerade or better!
2.) Tunnel-Vision focus is Unreal on this sup, I also noticed a little tingling on the last few days, during bench sets or any heavy work. Not in a bad way though.
3.) Strength and Reps both increased, refer to earlier part of log.
4.) Vascularity increased (even though I normally look cut up, veins became even more pronounced).
5.) No side-effects other than a headache on 1 day when going for a run.
6.) Mental Clarity and Focus for intellectual tasks was also increased on this. Probably due to the Huperzine-A compound, among others.

7.) Faster response time and reflexes during training were improved.


  1. that finisher point! Lookin good though. Might have to give this a go!

  2. awaiting the next. where's the ingredient synopsis?

  3. this looks like it would taste "too good".

  4. mmm pine apple mango!!! hellz yeah!

  5. just looked @ the ingredients. this shit is stacked! creatine, l-dopa,caffeine,NMT!!?? :o
    oh boy...

  6. nice review man! im gonna have to try this when i get paid

  7. i love this product, gave me lots of energy before the tredmill!


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