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Sunday, September 14, 2014

~Guardian X Lifestyles OMNISCIENTI (New Version 2014) Review~ {AREA-1255}

So the updated version of Omniscienti has me impressed, to say the least. I was a little skeptical of Adrafanil being taken out at first, but the increases of other ingredients (Centrophenoxine & Colouracetam) have offered a great compensation. 
The stimulant effects of these two ingredients are quite strong as well, and overall the clarity and mental focus I've experienced on the new version seems to be better channeled.

WORKOUTS : Strength is still getting increases on the new formula. 

  •         I've noticed that it seems to have not just a neuromuscular strength increase, but it helps place the kind of tunnel vision needed to go through with the workout, leaving all distractions to fade away.
  • Also I much appreciate the pump enhancement, I Can NOT attribute it to the L-arginine I took because I take this and many other amino suppplements every day, so it's very obvious that Omni can enhance the effects of L-Arg. Most probably via the increases in acetylcholine which then enhances nitric oxide synthase enzymes.
  • Besides mental clarity, creativity is also increased on this product. With no decline from the old product, that means that the primary creative sparks MUST** come from the Centrophenoxine and / or other ingredients.
  • I expect more results with time and will report back with my findings later on.

  • Definitely getting more effects by the day, this product builds up.
  • I've had time to re-examine a lot of things in my life, and this product seems to really help facilitate collective thinking.
  • Clarity and Broad view, with some of the mental chatter calming down I find this to be a very strong, but strangely stimulating product.
  • Not in a manner like Caffeine - a much clearer focus.
  • Also had another very productive gym day, and I can say again, this product DOES seem to increase strength and ESPECIALLY focus.

  • Feeling much more philosophical on this & noticing vivid dreams, didn't take it past 6 either.  O.o
  • Strength and focus as well as rep capacity is seeing increases.
  • Focused, on-task, and drawing/sketching more often.
  • Noticing quicker short term recall.
  • Slight tachycardia today but then again I was lifting a lot!
  • General sense of everything being in order.
  • Finding new views and an enhanced sense of curiosity.

  • Nothing too much more to report, just a very consistent clarity and enhanced creativity.  Ideas are flowing much better and I am seeing a new light in a lot of things.
  • Taken with the right dose of caffeine, it can help increase focus and you can work better on less sleep. Noticed this a couple times when I only got 5 hours of sleep the night before.
  • Taste buds are much better, and sense of smell is very strong.
  • Can help increase the motivation to workout, and still seeing strength increases. Could be from a lack of hesitation in between sets....less room to get distracted and staying on task easier.

  • Getting the enhanced sense of smell, taste buds, and everything seems brighter.
  • Intellectual overdrive!
  • Curiosity , zest, and exploration x5 !
  • Very clear thinking on this!

  • Continuing spirals of creativity, and immense focus.
  • Definitely enthusiasm increases, and desire to explore in the same enthusiasm.
  • Better short-term memory as well, and feeling a strong desire to expand knowledge in many categories.
  • Bravely enhanced sense of smell, and an overall zest for everything!
  • Everything seems brighter and positive.


  • Going to summarize this a bit, so I loaded at first with 4 capsules the first few days, now I am down to two a day. Still getting the effects and they are still very pronounced. 
  • Definite long-term effects, the stuff builds up and gives you insight and energy in broad ways!
  • Enhanced neuromuscular strength, pumps and endurance are all positives.
  • No side-effects to report, taste buds and smell are enhanced as well.
  • On the days I took it with caffeine (150 mg) - I felt sharper than a tapered and fine tuned double edged sword ; both mentally and physically.
  • Strong sense of awareness, and even a euphoria at times, especially when with caffeine.


  • Final update.
  • I can honestly say this is the best "noot" - nootropic, I have ever taken.
  • It gives such a balanced clarity but in a very positive, and persistent way. It isn't stimulating in a jittery way, and although I thought taking this after adrafanil was taken out wouldn't leave much to expect, I was proven wrong by the compensation of other ingredients, and their corresponding increased dosages. The racetam combination with centro was genius, and I know that nobody has done this specific combination before, especially with galantamine as well.
  • The way this product works, is by potentiating acetylcholine production, transference and preventing it's breakdown, as well as with the other ingredients - there is also glutamate modulation and / or AMPA modulation. This helps to improve all aspects of memory, not just clarity, but long-term and short-term / active memory. Thus , this product is not imbalanced and focused on one narrow aspect of cognition like many nootropics.

The experience from this product is also that it enhances the senses, taste buds, smell, these all will be amplified about a week in or maybe sooner.... 

The neuromuscular strength increases on this product rival or surpass huperzine A + caffeine imHo. Very impressive.

No sleep issues, no side-effects...and overall just a very great product! I highly recommend Omniscienti, it's a reasonable price with a very exclusive combination of ingredients.


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