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Friday, September 26, 2014

Natural / Herbal GABA-A Antagonists (Blockers)

Another under-appreciated topic, and one that needs to be addressed in an easily searchable manner.  GABA is the principle inhibitory neurotransmitter in human and mammalian brains and central nervous system.  Excess GABA may lead to depression, apathy and low energy levels, as well as possibly a low libido as well. As such, I have decided to dig up information for those looking to find alternatives to pharmaceutical preparations.

GABA-A is generally more significant in terms of it's effects on cognition as well; and so GABA-A specific antagonists may enhance cognitive function.

This may represent a good portion of the nootropic effects from the following herbs.

Keep in mind that blocking GABA-A does NOT eliminate all of the effects of GABA, but rather in itself, shifts GABA to GABA-B receptors which have anti-stress and some pro dopamine effects.  Depending on the concentration of GABA.

Well let's get to the real stuff, shall we?

The first and most prominent natural GABA-A blocker/antagonist is known as KUDZU. It is present in many natural hangover treatments and to help guard against the desire for alcohol consumption.  It is benzodiazepine site specific. The active chemical that does this is known as "Puerarin".                                                                     (REFERENCE)

Product can be bought for a good price below and I highly recommend it myself.

The second natural herbal GABA-A antagonist is more of a current blocker but it is quite effective at doing this.  It's a very common herb that I think most have heard of; GINKGO BILOBA.

This would help explain some of it's stimulant and nootropic effects.

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