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Thursday, April 2, 2015

TeamTLR (TrueLifeResearch) SNRI-OX Review (Natural Serotonin-Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor)

This is a review of team TLR's proprietary "SNRI-OX" herbal blend, it is a natural serotonin-norepinephrine-reuptake inhibitor (SNRI).

I must say that although it took me a while to actually feel the need for a boost, I had a couple "dirty" runs before with caffeine, which means the collaborative effort between substances makes what review would follow a little distorted. 

However..eventually I did a trial run for 4 days with SNRI-OX only, nothing else taken in the day, besides a multi-vitamin..but that I've been taking for easily can gauge the difference  in effects. 

I wasn't very impressed with one capsule, it only gave me a slight increase in sensory vigilance...something I could parallel with a very light dosage of modafanil, but at 2 capsules, it was defnitely more noticeable.  There was a euphoric sense, colors and sounds were more profound, and one even more notable effect - most notable all the way through - OBLITERATION of appetite...

I had to push myself to eat one meal a day at three caps, two caps I was eating about two meals. Normally I have about 4-5 moderate meals. 

I noticed also increased artistic efforts, and more easily, and less distractably "poured out" - not resulting in drab pieces, not even in subconscious, but yet a provocation to further examine detail - more than normal....

It starts out as a very insightful type of enthusiasm, but very subtle at first.

Peak effects hit at day THREE or FOUR of continuous use (for me at least), Though there are immediate effects as does seem to build up though....again, could be me.

It also seemed to INCREASE thirst oddly enough....this might be something to do with the norepinephrine effect...

I find it interesting though, as some antihistamines also do this - but this didn't feel like that...because there was another gleaming point - water tasted different!

Now separate the ONE DAY where I took SNRI and then drank a monster - the monster drink even tasted much better, almost cleaner...weird. 

Nevertheless, its been a joyful experience, I'll be posting another update soon! Few more caps to go!

ALSO NOTE : My cousin tried a couple and the same happened to her, no appetite at all for almost the entire day, until presumed crash set in !! 

I think I got more of an energy boosting effect in a different way, as she also noted that "two caps is too much, I didn't get to sleep the second time I took it", so therefore there is a need to assess tolerance and work from one cap up, as sensitivity varies amongst individuals. 

Be back soon!

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