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Sunday, August 2, 2015

An Effectual Means of Disassembling the 'Wired' Demons : Fighting Demonic Programming

Our minds are the most intelligent on Earth - as humans, we are committed to identification. We often strive for this either in the context of our own identities , or in reeling in the description of others...but simplifying it.

Yet as a whole, we have often failed at ridding the excess litter from our minds. We struggle with sanity when we are  at a cross-roads , but one near to success. This struggle includes anticipation. Anticipation is often an unkindly fear , and one that neglects to tell us of it's 'logical fallacies'...for example, say we are looking forward to a date...and our significant other / date hasn't responded within the 10 minutes that he/she said would respond within...anticipation can be grounds to worry and panic. 

A bit of logic would declare that perhaps the person quickly picked up the phone, or was looking for something they lost. Then we may justify in our head, that 'it's not that hard to pick up a phone and text'...this leads to consuming panic. Warrantless assumptions by those eager and in awe. This does not mean that there is no chance that something else hasn't gone wrong ...but it does signify a contrast in timing preferences;  in rigorous  VS approximation. 

Don't decay the free spirited.

Now, how does this relate to demons?

I believe demons are a specific input and one that depends on how much 'programming' we are receptive to. The world of hasty, imperative and malicious demons is one that shuns the peaceful coalitions of humanity and one that represses 'true' prosperity.

In them, our greatest paranoia emerges and envelops our inner peace. So it does not matter whether you are diagnosed with a certain issue or not...the rate and variation to how people REACT while anticipating something comes , in part, by what we have learned, and most of all - by the level of consciousness we possess. To disassemble demonic forces, we must take a broader approach than most of us care to think of. 

Demonic power manipulates electrical signals  in our brain...and IF The dark spirit is heavily integrated into our psychological architecture then the demon has the capacity to actually ALTER OUR DNA - and some people may even have splices replaced with demonic DNA. Yes, that's right , demons have their own DNA! That is why when man goes bad, he goes really bad! You see, because the worst, most "evil" people always hold some of the traits described in the Bible; unscrupulous actions; deceit, violence, and a lack of regard or conscience. Additionally, acting as an idol or one that idolizes, one that finds excuse to commit or permit evil...this is spiritual-genetic-influences.

What we should do, is aim to be healthy; both physically and mentally...this gives less room for manipulation by demons. Therapy does not help unless the person is 'open to suggestion' - but it often doesn't even account for 40% of successful recovery / abolition of major mental health issues. One thing we must do, is protect ourselves from excitotoxicity.

As for some general guidelines to do this. 

  • Don't drink soda.
  • Stay away from 'diet' products; especially those containing aspartame.
  • Do not overdose on certain vitamins.
  • Study neurology or at least research it, the brain is complex but the closer we are to understanding it - the more equipped we are to dealing with our problems.
  • Don't over work yourself, but find a passion in life. Do what you enjoy.
  • Practice meditation and stress relief techniques.
  • Use aromatherapy or essential oils to combat the quick-moving susceptible thoughts.


Now for the second part - daily prayer in coordination with proper biological 'relaxants' - preferably the natural the key to utmost serenity., 

Once you establish that you have taken the edge off, then you can establish a higher consciousness. This however does not mean you can not be anxious and yet have Insight - in  fact..sometimes our most unpleasant forms of stimulation can yield great results; demonstrating our true intellect and possibly creativity. We all respond to anxiety differently. We do need to stop feeding it and start channeling it. That's the key.

If you've watched the movie Rocky Balboa or any of it's successors then you know exactly what I mean by channeling what would be called 'deficits' into productivity..and victory. ;)

You can sit there and think that you are a failure , at a disadvantage, or flawed - but the strongest people choose , even strenuosly - to take the little courage we have ...that small piece that sais "I can overcome this" - and make it happen! It's not about expecting ourselves to beat pessimism, nor about pretending to be perfect , it's about moving forward!

Thereby if you consider even a small portion of yourself to be that brilliant hero, or successful business man or woman -but you feel you can't unlock it - then maybe it is just because you are engaging that feeling too much - instead of saying to yourself "I will unlock it" - "this is my day to shine!". I know that by experience and by observation, there are a lot of anxious, even depressed people who have so much strength . That KNOW they have so much strength - but they just can't face the looming shadow ; the overpowering emotions.
They remember the greatest times when it can occur naturally, but in the depths of despair - they have made a departure from themselves, even...

I do know so many strong-willed people, people who have battled depression for years and still keep going..they still keep moving forward..because they know that even in the moments where they feel ever-consumed, like there is nothing to live for - they are winners..and not just against themselves, but against a tragic battle that most of us can not even imagine. That is resilience folks, that is empowerment - that is true strength...if your endeavors succeed - even if it takes years to find your place and find yourself ; then you have become more disciplined than many will ever experience, because of their blindness.

And for that reason I will quote one of Bruce Lee's most memorable and inspiring themes.

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