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Friday, January 1, 2016

The Missing Ingredients to Your Pre-Workout Stack : How to Enhance Your PreWorkout (PWO)

Another Chapter of Area-1255; and a Perfect way to start off the New Year. ;)
So here we are going to discuss why many pre-workouts fail or do not perform to our expectations. In order to do that , however, we have to first investigate the parallel's between each {PWO} Product (not all of them of course).

Here's a comparison chart between two Popular PWO Formula's showing ErgoBlast (Left) and C4 (Right).

Now the first question to ask is What DON'T YOU SEE on that List???

We can't even answer that without knowing the science of it all, a little pharmacology if you will.

  •  Both have CAFFEINE which is a standard addition, or even a 'BASE' for Pre-Workout Formula's.
  • Both have some sort of Nitric Oxide Donor or arginine substrate'. These help boost the blood flow and create the 'pump' that Yall enjoy so much.

But Again,..what DON'T YOU SEE!?

It's simple; the machinery to CREATE nitric oxide in the first place. You see, Arginine only works (or works Well) when you have enough "NOS" (Nitric Oxide Synthase) to Produce the Active.Chemical (Nitric Oxide) FROM IT. So Arginine's effectiveness is Completely DEPENDENT on the Level of this Enzyme (N.O.S; Nitric.Oxide.Synthase)..

Now, what stimulates the level of this Enzyme?

There are a couple main 'ingredients' if you Will. You see, this enzyme is partly dependent on the level of man-hormones in our blood - Testosterone and all that good stuff.

...But we won't get into that here; let's look into some lesser known ways to boost this enzyme.

  • HISTAMINE (!) ; Histamine (created from the amino acid HISTIDINE) is necessary for the production of N.O by means of N.O Synthase. Click the exclamation point for more information.
  • Acetylcholine (!) (ACh, for short) helps keep our heart rate 'normal' and not too fast; but it also is necessary for maintaining a healthy mind and blood pressure; and boosting nitric oxide levels, in a manner similar to histamine.
I've listed two products side-by-side that ensure the production of these two chemicals. 


OK, I lied. Now lets get back into the Testosterone topic. 
Yes, we Can raise our Testosterone to boost our N.O (Nitric Oxide) Levels. You can check out PhytoSERMS as a Test-Booster product -

(IMO, one of the best, if not the Best)

 No, I'm not going to drag this one on in shit-loads of resources and hundreds of links. Not this time. I do that enough.

And FINALLY; one other way we can 'enhance' our PWO product/sup's efficiency is by blocking the degradation/removal of the chemicals these products aim to enhance..the very simple way of doing that is ....Yup, you guessed it - Penis Pills...of which you can buy ...

(And Yes, the Quality / Purity of the Products has Been Verified by Third-Party , non-contract Labs as well as other overseeing entities)


  1. Which pwo would you recommend?

    1. ErgoBlast & C4 are good...NO. Xplode is excellent as well...if you want to 'enhance' them..simply add L-HISTIDINE to your PWO-SHAKE. :-)

    2. So what does L-Histidine does if I add it to the preworkout? Can it be for any preworkout I can use this for? Do I need the pills or powder form of this supplement?

    3. L-Histidine helps to boost the effects of anything else that raises nitric.oxide, so it can amplify the effects and duration of effects of Arginine.

    4. Thank you JayZin. Does it matter if it's pill or powder?

    5. Powder or pill, don't matter...I use the powder about 500 mg x3 a day, but the pills work too. You can use up to 5 grams a day, but going super-high can increase histamine too much and lead to allergic hastening, it's advised not to use if you have chronic Asthmatic issues.

    6. Thank you. What do you think about Performix™ ION ICE PUNCH?

    7. JayZin, I got the L-Histidine along with C4 preworkout. Any tips on how many L-Histidine pills taken?

    8. 1000 MG twice a day for the first Three days. Then up to 5 grams if needed after day Five. You could also try 500 mg four times a day, or even start as little as 500mg twice a day if you wanna be conservative. As far as Performix, haven't tried it, looks decent..looks mostly based on nervous system support.

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