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Saturday, July 16, 2016

How to Increase DHT Levels Naturally : The Ultimate Dihydrotestosterone Guide (2016 Guide to Increase DHT)

Ah Yes, Dihydrotestosterone. The man's hormone, it's what makes us - a man [1]. It creates that fierce tempered attitude [2] , the beard [3] , the eyes [4], the strength and the confidence [5] [6]. Dihydrotestosterone is the aura that everyone respects, and that's why you want to increase it.

It also...

  • Staves off memory decline [7] [8].
  • Boosts libido [9] [10].
  • ...and Erection Quality (E.Q) [11] 
  • Increases ability to handle pain, blunts perception of pain [12] [13].
  • Increases ability to dominate environment and control the flow of conversation [14] [15].
  • Increases mood and cripples Depression [16] [17].

Dihydrotestosterone, or, DHT, is responsible for our well-being as a man. So I've explored scientifically proven methods of increasing DHT, naturally. In this article we will go over techniques that you probably haven't heard of as well as well-known supplements and dietary measures to increase the level of this all-important and absolutely mighty hormone.

1.) Dihydrotestosterone can be increased by Sorghum consumption [18] [19].

Here are two positive reports of Sorghum usage for DHT-purposes.

  1. My DHT optimization. Think it's working?
  2. Sorghum Brought My Nightly Erections Back

...You can buy 'Sweet' Sorghum Flour here and cook with it. Or you can simply buy some bakery goodies that are made with Sorghum flour - leaving you to say to yourself "I'll be damned, a DHT-boosting sweet treat". 

According to the studies, consumption of Sorghum results in a 54% boost in dihydrotestosterone levels by means of increasing 5-alpha-reductase; the key enzyme involved in dihydrotestosterones production by the human body.

2.) Creatine boosts the levels of DHT dramatically in the Physically active and sedentary [21] [22]. The increase amounted to 56%! For an 'ordinary' supplement, that's pretty significant...

  • Creatine is best in it's purest form; Creatine Monohydrate.
  • Creatine is in almost every pre-workout supplement out there.
  • Creatine kicks ass when training with weights, or sparring with your buddy!
I recommend Creatine Monohydrate by Optimum Nutrition. {SEE HERE}
Want capsules? Check out this one.
-Start with 5 Grams per day and work your way up to 8 grams each day. ~Area-1255

This is what raw creatine powder looks like...

3.) Cistanche Tubulosa Extract is very androgenic, and increases multiple isoforms of 5-AR in liver and brain [23] [24]

So you could say it's good mainly for mental mojo, but if it increases it in the brain, you'd be reaping the benefits of it anyhow, especially since Cistanche's constitutes are active in the hypothalamus [25] - the main gland involved in hormone production and sex-dependent behaviors [26] [27].

You can buy a good, well-reviewed Cistanche extract HERE.

4.) Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali is no joke, it's one of the most well-respected, almost notorious Testosterone-boosting herbs that has been, on numerous occasions, shown to increase active Dihydrotestosterone levels [28] [29] [30]. On top of that, this "Ali's Walking Stick" also counters the action of Estrogen directly in the testes [31] [32]. It also has another unique mechanism of action not shared by any other herb; direct and selective inhibition of the enzyme PDE-8A [33] [34]. {Check it out here on Amazon}.

  • Tongkat Ali has several varieties and locales of which Malaysia and Indonesia are the main areas of Interest. Indonesian Tongkat seems to have the most ''power'' but is considerably more expensive.
  • Tongkat Ali's strongest extracts have been reported to ''smell like ashes''.
  • Tongkat Ali is in almost every well-reviewed 'testosterone-booster' supplement and is one of the most frequently purchased herbs for the purpose of Testosterone enhancement.

5.) Aromatase Inhibition is a reliable way of increasing both Total Testosterone levels (TT) and Dihydrotestosterone [35] [36]. Aromatase Inhibitors like Arimidex (Anastrazole) can also increase height if you are under 20 years old or your epiphyseal plates have not fused yet [37] [38].

  1. Arimidex is the most proven and easily purchasable aromatase inhibitor for this purpose; it can be purchased from Geneza Pharm - a reliable online pharmacy.
  2. Or, you could use a natural variety like Driven Sports Triazole.
The reason aromatase inhibition is so effective for increasing natural testosterone levels, is it gets to the core of the problem; it shorts out a natural feedback loop within the brain & Pituitary gland, which guarantees a new wave of Testosterone signals in the person utilizing this method. Many people today are negatively affected by estrogens in our food, water, milk and so-forth, aromatase inhibition is a key measure to ensure our Testosterone levels are at youthful levels.

  • For Arimidex, average Joe's should only take 0.25 MG a day, that's one fourth or 1/4 of a whole 1MG tablet, or one half of a 0.5 MG tablet.
  • For Triazole, simply follow the directions on the bottle or take two capsules twice a day to start.

6.) Take Boron Supplements. Boron, besides Zinc is a "master mineral" for Testosterone, and especially, Dihydrotestosterone production [39].

It's easy to get, and you only need to take 12 mg per day.

7.) Zinc Picolinate Supplements. Zinc is a vital mineral and is associated with male fertility, and sexual well-being [40] [41]. Using enough of it (25-50mg) is necessary to avoid deficiency and gain its benefits [42]. Zinc increases Dihydrotestosterone levels significantly when used at these amounts [43].

  • Zinc also improves Major Depressive Disorder in Adults [44].
  • Zinc can decrease PRL (Prolactin) levels [45].
  • Zinc acts as a negative allosteric modulator of the serotonin 5-HT(1)A Receptor/s [46].
I recommend Solgar brand Zinc supplements which you can simply pick up at a local Grocery store or order online here.

8.) Butea Superba is a big one; it actually induced ''hyperandrogenemia'' in several men - which means a strong EXCESS of androgens (male hormones; testosterone, dihydrotestosterone etc) [47].

It's even in Clinical Trials for Erectile Dysfunction and has in just about every participant, increased the active androgen content in the saliva and blood testosterone has soared beyond what is expected for ANY herbal supplement [48].

It's mechanism of action seems mainly related to the inhibition of an enzyme in the testes and throughout the body called Phosphodiestearase or "PDE" - and this enzyme normally breaks down and gets rid of a messenger compound produced by our bodies called "cyclic AMP" or simply cAMP, for short [49].

Increasing cyclic adenosine monophosphate by PDE-inhibition causes Testosterone levels to skyrocket [50].

You can buy Butea Superba Extract by clicking the image of the bottle below or by clicking here.

9.) Resistance training, particularly with Weights, is shown to increase Dihydrotestosterone levels when using moderate weight [51], as does Squats and Squat Thrusts [52] [53].

I recommend using this simple home gym for your androgen-boosting needs.


10.) Lastly, EAT HIGH-PROTEIN!!! With special emphasis on BEEF AND EGGS.
Those nice sirloins, those delicious eggs, those are important sources of FAT AND CHOLESTEROL which we NEED FOR DHT PRODUCTION MASSIVELY [54] [55].

That's it folks...
Stay tuned for the next powerhouse article from...Area-1255! ;)


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  3. I am trying to find the secret behind masculine-looking forearms.

    To get a grasp of what I mean, check Mel Gibson in Google Image and take a look at his forearms, you'll get a grasp of what I mean.

    To get a grasp of what a "non-masculine" looking forearm looks like, google David Beckham (ignore the tatooes)

    Masculine forearms are thick, veiny, hairy, and terminated by thick hands that look like they've been farming all their life.
    The owner of such arms usually has very thining hair, thick and defined neck, and an obvious upbeat behavior.

    I want to know what in their life has given them those arms: work? Hormones? (which ones, is it high DHT? high cortisol?), Just genetic? (I hope not).

    My father has them and I don't (did he do something different than I did, or did I just inherit from my mother's side?)

    All help in this quest is highly welcomed!

    1. My guess would be sustained usage; whether that be farming or Construction etc. Most of the guys I work with (in construction) have decent sized forearms, although we are all pretty built.
      The "graininess" might be related to High DHT & *Low Body Fat*.
      ...Perhaps low water retention giving them more of a defined and "expansive" look...including Veins.
      Then the nitrogen just pumps them up more.
      Although I think if you have a tendency to HIGH or VERY LOW blood pressure they (forearms) will look deflated.
      ...Maybe use DHT Prohormones or Masterone Injections + Hawthorne Berry (for BP/Nitric Oxide) and then a light diuretic like Dandelion??? Couple that with the "Farmer's Walk" workout DAILY. Lift Weights. Do GRIP STRENGTH/GRIP MACHINE Workouts!!!

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