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Thursday, July 28, 2016

NutraBio L-Histidine Review (Review of L-Histidine Supplements by NutraBio)


First things first, I have found that all of NutraBio's products are of superior quality, and most importantly - PURITY. I haven't seen their lab at first hand, but it is one that I have confirmed through my sources is indeed inspected regularly and that maintains optimal quality and organization. 

They do not utilize proprietary blends in their products, and doing so is a sketchy practice anyway that always made me feel uneasy. How do you know what's in the product if you can't even distinguish what is on the label?

How can you be assured of potency, or even mechanism of action of the product if you don't know how much of each individual ingredient or herb is in the product? You can't with any certainty.

With NutraBio that problem is eliminated and I can attest to their overall quality, and their customer support, security staff and fraud detection abilities are far superior to many other companies. They do not sell customer information, and they are very straightforward to-the-point people which I like.

Excellent phone support, e-mail response, everything, very pleased!

Now lets get to their L-Histidine product.

TASTE : It's not great tasting, sorta sour, or maybe a litter bitter, hard to place it. Just throw it in water or juice it'll be fine.

DOSAGE : 1.5 Grams (1,500 MG or three scoops) per day, for 3 days. Then up to 3 grams or 3,000 MG / day thereafter.

EFFECTS : Noticeable enhancement of workout pump while lifting weights. Slight feeling of stimulation, increased bowel movements, consistent with histamine stimulation. No itching or any other negative effects. 3 grams yielded significant increase in libido, almost obsessive, consistent with histamine like effects. Flushing was noted at 3 grams and over. Using with niacin enhances the energy boosting effects, using this product with over-the-counter antihistamines may improve the vasodilation but will diminish the energy and alerting effects of L-Histidine. Betahistine can be used to enhance the effects but may amplify negatives such as itching / asthma worsening, not recommended unless you are terribly histamine deficient and have no history of allergies / asthma. L-Histidine itself is fine for most people, but if you have a history of asthma/allergies, great caution should be taken. 250 MG or half a scoop may be a more sensible starting dose for Histidine noobs or supplement noobs.

  • Enhancement of workout pumps, while lifting weights, but also leg pumps while running.
  • Mild energy boost and some stimulation.
  • Increased strength, presumably due to better pump.
  • Is at least 5x stronger than L-Arginine in this regard.
  • Causes massively increased libido at high-ish doses. (almost to obsession)

  • High doses make you feel hot.
  • Increased itching at high doses.
  • Increased bowel movements.
  • Causes facial flushing and sensation of  warmth around face, amplifies niacin flush, causes itching when used with niacin.
  • Jitteryness at high amounts.
  • Strange but not uncomfortable sensations in head, almost like a body high feeling but not that euphoric.


  1. Thanks for review man. I was tested as having super low histamine levels this year (13 when the normal range is 40-70) and before I knew that almost went into a state of psychosis from taking antihistamines like quercetin, which oddly would put me in an almost euphoric like state of mental energy for the first few hours- which made me keep going with it for a couple weeks haha. But ever since I took those I've been dealing with some chemical sensitivities (to soaps, perfumes, detergents and stuff) that just won't go away. From the reading I've done chemical sensitivity is common with low histamine (/overmethylation) because histamine is part of the body's defensive immune response to keep out all the stuff we don't need in our body, so without it we're super susceptible to all that, which is where I seem to be. So I've been trying to find ways to raise histamine, but it seems like it's way harder than it is to lower like with an antihistamine. Super frustrating. I tried this same exact thing, the histidine (same brand too), but it actually had the opposite effect for me, stiffening up my hands (completely devoid of sweat/ moisture) and making my joints super snappy and making the sensitivities worse, same as the quercetin. I also tried Maca and same thing. I've read that people actually take histidine for seasonal allergies because taking it sort of tricks your body into producing less histamine by making it think it has too much already, or something like that. Anyway, the only thing I've found so far is to just eat high histamine foods, so lots of fermented stuff. Kombucha is especially great. But I'm still looking for a longer term solution so lemme know if you have any insight about why the histidine works for you and not for people like me, and how you recommend raising histamine :) I also saw your article a few weeks ago from 2014 on getting out of your low histamine state and wrote a comment there too. My b on the rambles, this is what my histamine depleted mind does to me now haha :p

    1. Did you try Betahistine or another H3 antagonist? They block the histamine autoreceptors causing the brain/body to increase histamine as well as other neurotransmitters like dopamine, noradrenaline etc. You could also try a histamine methyl-transferase inhibitor, Syrian Rue at low doses, or the drug Tacrine if you can find it - it's an Alzheimer's drug but with HMNT inhibiting properties so it inhibits the breakdown of histamine and then boosts memory/mood etc. You could also look into folic acid, niacin, b12, ZINC and eating lots of Protein.

      Check your blood / hair levels of Copper, most people with low histamine tend to have elevated Copper which is responsible for a lot of the symptoms like overstimulation, paranoia etc.

      My guess is with the low histamine you probably feel very cold or uncontent with your body temperature, and it wouldn't be a surprise if you were frequently constipated as well. Histamine is crucial for bowel movements.

      Those would be my suggestions for now, contact me, we'll talk more.

  2. Hey thanks for the reply.. I haven't tried the Betahistine, I'll look into it though.
    So far every amino acid I've taken has only made things worse (l-histidine, beta-alanine- which I thought would have the opposite effect as the l-histidine after I tried that and it didn't work, and l-carnosine, which is both those). Even random stuff like Pantethine (B5), P5P B6, and a Kyolic immune supplement messed me up. And methyl-anything is the worst.

    Anyway, thanks for the suggestions, the Syrian Rue looks interesting. Have you taken it? I wouldn't really be down to take pharmaceutical medication let alone something for Alzheimer's though haha.

    And about the copper- yes! I fit the symptoms to a t (anxious, paranoid, sensitive, creative- at least I think so haha) and yea I've seen that about the low histamine connection (and also over-methylation, which low histamine causes). Most of my health probs started for me around puberty, which I read is common with copper toxicity because it's linked to hormones. I was even getting blood pressure probs when I stood up (ortho hypo), heart palpitations, and a mysterious pigmentation over my heart which I still have.

    I actually think that copper toxicity is the root cause of everything for me, especially since my mom fits it extremely well too, she had post partum depression which apparently is always a copper thing, is super paranoid, emotionally volatile, and is addicted to dark chocolate haha. My Grandma was one of 16 children, and I've read that copper rises with each pregnancy and then again with each generation, so I wonder if that's where it's all coming from. I'm planning on getting a 23andme soon, hopefully that can pin down a methylation or liver defect if it's something genetic. For now I'm stuck reading obsessively and guessing haha.

    But anyway, yea I take everything you said there- Zinc with every meal, B12, Folinic Acid, Niacin, and whey protein and stuff. The Niacin especially helped a lot when I first started it, I actually thought I'd been completely cured as long I just kept taking it cause it took all my social anxiety away, made me super motivated to get out and do stuff, libido finally came back haha, basically all the histamine stuff I'd been missing out on haha. But that all died out after a couple weeks and that's when I realized it was just releasing histamine not giving me more, so it ended up depleting me.

    And yes, I've always gotten cold way before anyone else and needed fans turned off and stuff. Last winter was the worst. And yea I'm always a bit bloated- not as much constipated though- and had low stomach acid show on a blood test (which we need histamine for I guess). Whenever I take Niacin or eat something like Kefir or Kombucha I get a bowel movement within a few minutes haha.

    Anyway, I wrote too much again my b. Thanks for the email I might message you there but this could also be good in case anyone could benefit from the conversation you know

    1. Fair enough, those are all good strategies. You can still eat more Protein. I want you to up your intake of meat proteins, and eat Sardines 2 times per week if you can, and you aren't allergic.

      You should be taking a multi-vitamin if you aren't already. Have you tried small doses of Manganese (not Magnesium)?

      I recommend you try the L-Histidine again, preferably with a little Sarcosine. PowderCity sells Sarcosine for a good price, take about 1.5 grams - 3 grams per day, NMDA transmission enhances histamine, and histamine returns the favor.

      So those would good goals, also, walk, do cardio, sprint, just basically do anything to increase your heart rate a bit within moderation. Walking/running increases histamine in the short-run, and that's part of why walking/running benefits the cardiovascular system, is in part through histamine enhancement of artery function and oxygen delivery.

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  4. What's the "Strange but not uncomfortable sensations in head, almost like a body high feeling but not that euphoric." -
    Is it kind of like some one feels like they're drowning you under water sensation, or a sense of hollowness sort of, that comes in waves?

    1. No. Its like someone is rubbing a soft feather on my head. Then there are waves of a "heaviness" feeling, kind of like a blood rush.


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