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Friday, July 22, 2016

PowderCity D-Aspartic Acid Review (Review of DAA/D-Aspartic Acid from PowderCity)

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PowderCity has been my Go-To for several products for a while now. I've not been disappointed yet, and this is my first go with these particular products. (DAA/Sarcosine). D-Aspartic Acid is an NMDA-Receptor agonist [1] and so-called 'testosterone-booster' [2], however, my designation is simply experimentation and comparison with other products of like-nature. 

Normally I will drag on reviews a bit longer, but I'm keeping this one simple.


  • SOUR, like some sort of lemon-candy but in a powder form.
  • Sort of sweet too, but more sour than anything.
  • Can be put in your gatorade and you won't notice much of a taste difference except adding the said 'sourness'.
  • Definite increase in strength and a hardening of muscles + Visible increase in muscle tone after week 3. 
  • Definitely enhances the pump of PWO's and also does so solo without any pre-workout.
  • Not much effect on memory in comparison to Sarcosine.
  • Had a mediocre effect on libido but I never have any problems with that anyhow so I don't expect to feel much in that regard.
  • Slight increase in aggressiveness at higher dosages.
  • Don't use more than >6 grams / day.

  • 3 Grams per day (1 full scooper which is included with the product, once per day).
  • I went up to 5 and 6 grams but did not see much of a difference than 3 Grams besides some minor irritability.
  • 3 Grams is the spot.
  • As usual, PowderCity is on-point, very quick and responds to e-mails in a very timely fashion!
  • Very respectful and professional staff.
  • Very good people altogether.

Excellent product, can't go wrong with PowderCity! 

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