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Friday, May 5, 2017

The Continuance of Violence is A Reflection of Oversimplification

Zipping through the Streets of Protest and one thing is very clear, not everyone who shouts is on the side their supporters think they are.

Is there such thing as a Pseudoprotestor; a person protesting for the purpose of expressing their own volatile impulses? Of course.

There's a ''pseudo'' everything. Many people seem to desire being a Mirror Image of something, but sometimes that desire is just what it appears. A mask. People infiltrate numerous unceremonious organizations, cliques and companies constantly, yet, most do not know it. They aren't aware of duplicity wirhin their ranks...but what's the point of infiltrating a Protest?

The May-Day protests gained a lot of attention. Its the Rage, the Noise, the Emotion that draws responses. These aren't protestors though, they are Left-Wing Anarchists. Believe it.

The worst part is how some of the Media reacts to the Chaos; oversimplifying it as either Crime or Conspiracy, when the Intention can be neither. As Anarchists often believe in their duty to Individual Protection, then a skewed version of that is Destruction for Protection.

However, Anarchism is not the Problem. It's actually a Solution. Just not this kind of Modern-Day, Closed-Minded Anarchistic Mayhem.

When Anarchy rises to the Streets, it should have a Swift and Calibrated momentum. Not break a car here and throw fire at people. The other issue is what are the protestors really debating, the People elected for the Immigration Policies to be enforced.

It's only a few thousand and some lesser groups that don't want it.

Still, there are other more pallatable ways to debate this issue.

It will eventually be that these groups fade into the shadows for a while, and a new wave of solidified anarchistic innuendo will begin.

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