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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Anonymity Services as of 2017

This post will be updated periodically to let those who are interested know about the current and most effective Anonymity & Proxy services. It will also list proxies personally tried by the Area-1255 Staff and will be a thorough descriptor for any issues that may have been identified with well-known Free Proxies/Lists. This list will also eventually be updated to reflect the newest and best-ranked VPN services and will classify them by Country and other details. This list will be unique in that we do not use bots to ''Check'' or assess the working order of the PROXY or their apparent downtime. We will also make sure the Free Proxy List that is here will NOT REQUIRE A LOG-IN of any sort and there will be no mishaps or ''authentication issues'' as they will require none.

 It is something I have personally experienced that many free proxy lists are littered with pop-up login screens, incorrect authentication details and several other errors that could be easily addressed if the owners of the web page actually took the time to do so.

I therefore, will be carefully screening the entire list as it becomes available and is listed on this page and I will be listing my own proxy list for convenience and improved reliability/diversity of this site.

As of May 23 2017, Area-1255's Preferred Web Proxy and Multi-Portal Vendor is ...

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