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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How to Avoid Self-Incrimination and Dangerous Situations by Word Choice and Sentence Restructuring

One question I am asked very frequently is...''Why do some people get away with anything by words alone, but others run into trouble everywhere''. The answer is simple : Word Choice determines evasion efficiency.

You can't avoid consequences unless you are a Master of your own speech.

If you attack someone verbally, no matter how Angry you might be you MUST remember to say or write things in a way that gives yourself an 'Out'.

Even if you initially sound stupid in the process, action is more about Tone and the effect your words have are based on tone and word strength.

For example, if someone states ''I know where you live'' or 'I'm going to come destroy your property... saying ''I will kill you then'' is ridiculous, and word-bait for any Cop caller.

...But if you say in response to the threat ''Do you want to get Shot?'', you are asking a rhetorical question and so IF QUESTIONED by Police - that will be your answer. In addition to the fact that the other person is the one posing the Threat, so they are in the Wrong.

Its always about Word Choice.

If someone messages you on FB with a threat, you can respond equally threatening by using General Terms that don't equate to the Victim, but that the person will know ''by tone'' means them. For example phrases like ''How many pests should I get rid of today''. But if you add ''like you'' after the word pests then you have INCLUDED that person officially and therefore have created the circumstances for self-incrimination.

These are far-off examples but I hear about people being threatened on FB (FaceBook) every day, and if you have an improper recourse, then you open yourself up to Lawsuits.

Of course, its always ideal to know the capabilities of who you are talking to and never threaten or defend by threat in Writing. Since writing basically never leaves the Internet, these can ''stick'' to the person in a nasty way.

You can also talk to any person and use subtle provocation in order to evoke the same response. Sometimes the best attack is to create circumstances that your Enemy can not escape.

Combining legal action with provocation can simultaneously jeopardize the other party by allowing themselves to lead to their own defeat.

The other key in making sure you have an out is based on how calm and composed you can be. Screaming upsets everyone and any increase in tone, especially in conjunction with Fear, tends to lead to negative impressions. Never carry fear with you. Learn to be cunning, and it will be easier to avoid self-incrimination.

Being bold in itself is also a good trait to have.

Another essential for avoiding negative consequences on Self, is by applying Insight to a potentially dangerous situation, if you see signs that an interaction with someone could turn ugly, avoid the situation by diverting the persons attention.

This could be by acting like you are on the phone, or evading any issues by deliberately the distorting the other persons perception of who you are and what you are capable of. Avoiding any result HAS to be the result itself, of how many opportunities you have NOT left for the other party to pick up on. So therefore, excluding opportunities of the other party is key.

Living off the Grid and Keeping Associations off the Grid : A Precedent to Avoid Self-Incrimination
If your words or actions are to come under scrutiny, then living in a manner that blocks the ability for others to understand you, or your means, becomes an efficient method to give yourself an Edge against the Criticism.

Many opinions are often less formidable than a single 'sure' opinion in determining a strategy to Incriminate someone - or implicate them.

Thus, it comes back to your words that ultimately determines your ability to avoid negative situations.

Assigning Gender Superiority to Speech to Catch Others Off-Guard

The way you talk will have a congruent effect based on Word Choice. If you fix your tone to match two elements together, then you will find persuasion to be an easy task.

That includes persuading people to drop their line of thought, or attack on you.

Those elements are blameless and self-directed speech; if you use less ''blame'' speech there is a way to be disinhibited and persuasive. The second part is create the impression that you have many things 'up your sleeve' and yet maintain an innocent tone, depending on who you are interacting with, this could create a Pattern-Interupt which distorts the other persons thought process enough to give you an Out.

The more subconscious you make these strategies, the better you will do at allowing yourself to exit unsavory situations.

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