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Friday, May 12, 2017

eGifter Review ~ Is eGifter Legit?

I was searching for an easy way to turn my extra BitCoins into a Gift Card. I was looking for one that did not require an intermediate, nor administrative approval. More, one that would be compatible with my favorite wallet.

So I did some searching, I found that in my extensive research that there were only a few sites that people really seemed to enjoy. I didn't want to take anothers word for it, though. I like to find my own personal taste in sites.

I decided to roll the dice with eGifter after seeing some positive comments and posts on Reddit. This one stuck out first.

As you can see, this refers to a flurry of comments regarding eGifter as reliable and ''always used''.
Its my experience that comments with more personalization and attitude tend to be more legit.

So I went with eGifter and created an account, to get an 100$ Amazon Gift Card. I received the gift card code after about a half hour of sending the required BitCoins to their wallet address. That's impressive. The Gift Card code was e-Mailed to me and was immediately usable!
I have also referred the site ( to my Cousin, who used it to purchase an Applebee's Gift Card. He received it last week and couldn't be happier. I highly recommend eGifter to Family, Friends & Associates at this point! Just very very impressed. 5-Stars, without a doubt. :-)

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