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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Secret Agent Ninja Blade Review

AMxProd (AMxReborn) is Here with a 2 minute, Straight to the Point Review on the Secret Agent Ninja Blade, or Secret Agent Tactical Ninja Sword. 

Video is up there but here is my Write-Up. 

The Secret Agent Ninja Blade (Tactical Ninja Sword) is purchasable on, Amazon of course, and many other sites. It measures 27" all together but The main part of the blade measures about 14", the teeth on the middle of the blade are very sharp, but the Tip is factory sharpened. I mean, really the whole thing is factory sharpened but for some reason the teeth seem sharper than the tip.  The blade is stainless, black tinted steel, and it is very durable, with a comfortable handle and grip.  It is great for the price (14$-23$, depending where you get it).  If you swing it properly, it will chop plastic bottles right in half, and it will easily pierce cardboard and stuff like that.  This blade looks very nice and it comes with a sheath and a velcro band to lock it in, it also has a shoulder strap that is adjustable. Just be careful how you insert the blade back into the sheath when you are done, because it can easily rip through the sheath, and the sheath clearly is not metallic.  In my opinion, that is the only thing that could have been better about this product, but all round for the price, it's pretty good.  I like it and would recommend it to anyone.

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