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Monday, June 2, 2014

Assume not, and Make No Generalization appear True, because surely it is Not..

Neither come to expect one thing on one day, and another on this day, for in an instant the most significant things can change..

Neither assume what I write for, and what I am here for, or what another's purpose is for.  

I and you are very different, even if you are fortunate enough to be close to me, there are differences that may emerge now - and later. As humans, we are supposed to allow these differences to be transparent and respected, however Pride has kept us from doing this many times, pride, and fear...

In this world there is simply nothing more wise, more beneficial, than to Not assume anything. It is an incredibly virtuous act to conduct yourself openly but with humility. It is logical and just to not generalize, for surely all generalizations are false, even this one..

For surely all generalizations are false, even this one....

I admire spirit, I admire the broadcast of one's heart, one founded on Bravery and creativity, one who follows their dreams. I'd like to see someday, those who once were enemies become united on the same side, setting aside differences. Where are we today? That we can be so judgmental to our fellow man. We have come to accept with open-hands a society plagued by closed-mindedness, but closed-mindedness doesn't go into your hands, little do you know. No, it seeps into your heart, and into your soul, it eats you away as you boast your arrogance, it re-constructs you, then confines you into a bitter little world full of poison and nonsense.

Where are we today? We are as we have always been, right in our own eyes; as we see individually. Though we each have our own unique views, it is as though we have each held them separately as some entitlement and lame justification for the unwarranted condescending behavior. There's simply a pulsating spear of negativity, flying across the bridge of fury, being used not for intellectual ideas, but for covering so much detail - and holding too much merit for such insignificant topics. Insignificant in that it makes no sense when it leads to useless arguing and violence, and in a setting that proves nothing.

A perfect example - Facebook.
Wherever is it said that one earns a medal for vigorous debating on Facebook?
Behind the computer screen of each "opponent" - are feelings of strife and a magnitude of irritability, that nearly makes me sick. Why has it become so emotional for people?
It's a lost cause, productivity can expand in so many directions, and yet the hook of facebook and the drama therein has caused pain over such petty debates.

Now let's be clear, even I've participated in Facebook debates, however it is not my heart and soul - and it has caused me no pain. I know when, how, and where to drop things.

It would seem others do not however, I would have to define it as a general lack of direction.
I wouldn't condemn most of you for being such vigorous debater's, but just ask that the debate be taken to a higher level, for your own benefit....though it can be good practice on social media. However, that's all it should be - practice.

Instead, do as I do, write on a blog, write your own articles, be your own inspiration, when you form a new self or renew and strengthen your spirit and mind - this translates to real-world results. Learn from every angle, don't assume, and listen more than you talk. Though, if you are truly knowledgeable, then you should not be afraid to speak. You should cover the ground you are familiar with, however, I do not shame you for attempting to cover ground you aren't familiar with, but be receptive and prepared to falter on some ends. This is however a learning experience, and a great one at that.

In whatever it is that you do, if you wish to move forward, if you wish to gain knowledge, do yourself even a favor. Assume not, and make no generalization appear true, because surely it is not...

This stands true, generalizations are held in too high regard, as if they should be consulted, mind you, I am not merely talking about statistics, but some "statistic" may be referenced and a generalization to go with it.
This here is dumb, and unintelligent. So therefore, be an open-minded individual, make your own decisions. We are all bound to make a generalization or two anyway, here and there, or here or there, but we need to lessen the use of them - sometimes utilizing a different form of rhetoric when explaining details. Creatively, but emphatically. Let us use all of our skills productively, and expand them.

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