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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Can Andractim DHT Gel Be Used to Treat Impotence? A Review of the Research.

Andractim DHT Gel, or Dihydrotestosterone gel, is a hormonal gel for Men often used to treat male breast growth (Gynecomastia) and to reduce the nipple swelling associated with it [1] [2]. The gel comes in a box, with specially designed tubes for dispensing the gel, and remains a top-selling pharmaceutical hormone product available over the Internet [3] [4] [5]

Off-label, Andractim is occasionally used by bodybuilders to reduce water weight, and to decrease the side-effects associated with other anabolic steroids [6] [7]. Andractim is not approved medically for this purpose, but all DHT-based steroidal compounds carry the effect of reducing water retention and decreasing estrogen levels [8] [9].

The most remarkable form of Estrogen (the ''woman's hormone'') in Men, and the one most associated with both cardiovascular health, and hormonal balance is "E2" or Estradiol.

Dihdyrotestosterone-like compounds, including Andractim, are efficient at establishing a balance between Testosterone and Estrogen. They also treat hypogonadism and some symptoms of infertility, including poor sperm quality and low sperm count very efficiently. Andractim gel is one of the most studied, but not necessarily the only option [10] [11].

In regards to Erectile Dysfunction, also known as 'impotence', Dihydrotestosterone gels improve all domains of sexual function, including orgasmic function [!], and rapidly replenish erectile function in aging men and men in whom are previously diagnosed with hypogonadism or a low Testosterone level [12] [13].

Andractim does this job well as it absorbs through the skin, rapidly elevating the levels of the androgen and activating androgenic pathways, which results in beneficial effects on manhood and longevity [14] [15].

Therefore andractim gels and all DHT-like compounds, are highly recommended especially when Testosterone treatment alone fails. 

After all, Dihydrotestosterone is the active androgen in the maintenance of penile nitric-oxide synthase activity; essentially meaning that it establishes and maintains healthy erectile function in Men. Testosterone itself does not perform this role, and therefore DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a more effective treatment for male impotence rather than Testosterone.

Lastly, DHT may be useful in treating sexual dysfunction in older Men in whom are currently taking an SSRI-antidepressant, alone or combination with Viagra and / or Yohimbine. {Yohimbine treatment of sexual side effects induced by serotonin reuptake blockers.}

Andractim is only dispensed by All Saints Clinic, any other sites claiming to sell Andractim are likely fake, if they do not lead back to the ASC. Read the article regarding fake andractim gel alerts.


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