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Friday, November 4, 2016

Boost Mobile Boost ZTE Speed Review (Review of Boost PrePaid Phone on 35$ Monthly Plan) **Includes Boost Customer Service Review**

Last year I walked into a Radioshack store and had a terrific experience, the lady there was very helpful, almost too enthusiastic, but pleasant. I was asking what the best possible phone would be, besides any NET10 or Tracfone that I had tried in the past. Something that wasn't super expensive, and that is PrePaid. I was shown to the Boost ZTE Speed. It was around 50 bucks, and it costs 35$ monthly but this gives unlimited Talk/Text, and practically unlimited Data for use on the Internet. 

If you are using it currently, you would see that it often starts as "4G" data, then flips to "3G" after a bit of usage. That is unless you have purchased a 40 or 45$ plan. Then it is completely unlimited without any exceptions for Data/Internet usage. 

The data depletes quickest when you are using the web browser and repeatedly downloading files or streaming large bits of Video on YouTube, while using the browser. 

Each data usage correlates to the app you are using, meaning, there is a specific data allowment for each App, rather than a universal data bar.
This means even after your Browser no longer has data worth, you can still use Mail and other Network-Apps.

So the deal with this phone is it's extremely easy to set up, you choose a PIN at the time of purchase, and often, the employee attending to your purchase will set that part up. Along with telling you your phone number, and at Radioshack at least, will offer to make a test call.

Once the phone was set up, I noticed a few things about this phone that along with running the Android interface very smoothly, I was very impressed about.


The Boost ZTE Speed is smoother, and easier to navigate than the NET10 ZTE Midnight and Paragon in comparison, it also seems to have a darker theme at start. Something about this phone just really seems intriguing. I noticed that app moving doesn't lag like on some other Androids, and brightness and other settings are easy to adjust, a brightness bar on the top drop-down menu makes this and other main features easily accessible, and customizable. That is 'swiping the screen from top to bottom' brings down the menu, for those who aren't familiar.

Settings are easy to play with and they include, at start, many different types of keyboard, languages, and many different possible variations in key layout. Being it is a touch screen, I prefer keeping it simple and enable only the Android keyboard. The Google Voice keyboard is pretty simplistic as well though.

Overall, this phone works well for all tasks, including note-taking, browsing the Internet, it seems to load PDF files considerably faster than the other devices I've used.


Internet-wise, this phone seems to be faster, than NET10 and Tracfone and also some other service-phones like T-mobile. I'm not sure if this is related to the network implementing into the device itself or related to how Boost-connects to the towers and Sprint-network. Probably both. The phone itself seems to be able to handle data pretty well.

It downloads apps with ease, and pretty quickly. I only noticed a few times it disconnects is if you are using an unstable Wi-Fi connection, particularly when running a proxy server or VPN. That's pretty much universal though, with all Wi-Fi enabled devices. With regard to Data-web-surfing, it is extremely fast, and  very consistent. 

App storage is not super impressive, but 8GB of Internal Storage and up to 32 GB microSD capacity/capability are included, which is more than most entry-level phones of the Android variety support, included in the price range.

Android 4.4

The Boost ZTE Speed runs the Android 4.4 operating system and runs it very well. There are no major issues with it, it supports all classic Google apps, works smoothly with Google Voice, Gmail, mailing files, and file manager software. 

It opens documents and PDF easily, though adding the Free apps; Adobe Acrobat & File Manager HD are necessary. Remember that if you don't have an Internet connection at your home, and have run out of data usage, you can easily go to a Tim Hortons, McDonalds or other free Wi-Fi access points in order to quickly download the app. 

I've noticed basically no flaws with this particular phone, at least in terms of the Operating System (OS) of Boost Mobile ZTE Speed.


Built in are two camera's, lens on each side, and they work well, they hold the flash option, and many other modification options to adjust the Zoom level when using the software, some Effects can be added into the Image, and files can be edited and Cropped.

The camera works very well, but keep in mind that taking hundreds of Photo's and / or Video's, will likely lag the system a tiny bit, and use up IS (Internal Storage) very quickly. Adding a MicroSD Card is prudent if the intention is to use the phone for that much multimedia actions.

Video Camera works very well, but sending files or Video's is a different matter.


Files that are fairly large, sometimes even over 5MG or 10 megabytes, often have issues being sent over the built-in e-mail capabilities of the device, it will often say ''File too Large". 

This roadblock can be circumvented by sharing the file on Google + (plus) or directly moving the file onto another device, like a Computer, via USB-connection.

When connecting your Boost Android to a computer or laptop via USB, take into account that files will not show up, if you have not unlocked your phone's screen.

This is something I have encountered with multiple devices, and is not unique to the ZTE Speed or any Android. YOU MUST ENTER YOUR PIN NUMBER, AND UNLOCK YOUR SCREEN, in order to enable the computer to read the files on your Phone/Android, the device "Android" or w/e it is named will show up while connected, but you will not see the files or folders on the Phone show up until your PIN is entered ON PHONE and screen is usable.

You also have to often ''install'' the phone's driver software before it can be used with your Computer and before files can be moved to and from the device. 

That includes MP3's/Music Files, and it includes Video's, Text Documents and any other file that may be transferred to and from the Phone.

The last note is that e-mailing files often takes a couple minutes, depending on the speed of your connection, but tends to be done faster when you are not lagging your phone with multiple tasks, and when at a good Wi-Fi hotspot. Data network tends to also be fastest when downloading apps and when sending files, assuming your signal is O.K.

A bad signal for your phone, will inevitably affect the data/Internet efficiency just as it would if you have a poor signal from your Router's Wi-Fi. The phone relies on it's general signal for Data-related operations.


To contact Boost mobile customer service, you would call the following number.

  • 1 (866) 402-7366
Then upon being prompted, type in your Boost phone number, followed by your PIN for your phone/boost account.

Next, hit "5", "5", and "5" again after each prompt to be moved to a Customer Service Representative. 

Their customer service representatives are far less rushy, are more up-to-date, and much more helpful than both TracFone & Net10, they take security very seriously, and are not interested in your personal details.

Throughout the years, they have been perhaps the only Company to respect our country's Privacy laws, our personal details, and our personal beliefs and preferences.

They also are very helpful, speak English very well, and I haven't spoken to any incompetent representatives as of yet. Which is a first for me, normally with other companies you almost have to get used to hearing gibberish every once in a while, or background mumbling which was consistent with Tracfone, some of their representatives. 

Therefore, in terms of Customer Service, I rank them as...

5/5 for Professionalism. 
5/5 for respecting privacy, not asking for personal details. (other than first name)
5/5 for being thorough, yet to the point.

And an overall score then of 15/15 on my scale for being very helpful, very understanding, and very patient.

As a final note, Boost gift cards to renew the balance on one's account can also be purchased on Amazon, and most Boost mobile phones are also sold on Amazon as well.


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