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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pro's/Con's or Positives/Negatives of Using Amisulpride for Mood Elevation / Energy Booster Etc

Positives or Benefits of Amisulpride for Energy / Creativity / Alertness

  • Increases hedonic capacity, including emotional drive and motivation towards social tasks.
  • Rejuvenates old-found passions and ideas.
  • Increases sense of self and personality.
  • Increases mental flexibility.
  • Increases feelings of ''inspiration'' and fighting for a cause seems more enjoyable.
  • Enhances overall Resilience.
  • Removes distractions and increases mental clarity.

Negatives or Side-Effects of Amisulpride.
  • No real negative effects while on it, though you have to watch Prolactin level so it is advisable to take high dose B6 with it.
  • Doses above 35 MG are unnecessary and seem to cause Anxiety / Restlessness, and over-attention to environment (for me at least). [50 mg and up can cause tiny 'skin' muscle twitches which can resemble spasms, or even heart palpitations for some people] 
  • You have to take it with a little Caffeine to notice any real benefits.
  • The days going off of it it seems you need more Caffeine to get back to ''normal''. 
  • Vitamin B12 loading is advisable upon going off / discontinuing.
  • Can lower blood pressure and heart rate, caution is advised if you already have low blood pressure or low heart rate, then you should avoid Amisulpride. 

UPDATE 2/22/2017
  • Tried Amisulpride again for another few days, as always, I love the effects of it for the time duration while taking it (25 mg ED for 4-5 days), but after the 4th and 5th day, it seemed to lower my DIASTOLIC blood pressure to around 55 ...this is not something I'm comfortable with, so as always, I usually stop the amisulpride at this point and resume at a later time.
  • This paper also mentions case-reports of patients who take Amisulpride, and notice reductions in heart rate and blood pressure.
  • My heart rate is normal at this point, but if diastolic pressure continues to decrease, then this medication will be stopped - this reinforces amisulpride as a low-dose short-term mood booster, but not to be take every single day of the week, always take 2 - 3 days off at least.
NOTE: The muscle twitches described in the bullets are less likely if you have a 'clean' diet and are not dehydrated, or have magnesium or potassium deficiency; REMEMBER if you are taking Amisulpride you should be taking Magnesium, and potassium should be supplemented with preferably, and especially so if you do not get enough in your diet (Avocado, Spinach, Banana's etc). 

Potassium and Magnesium can help to prevent both the muscle symptoms (twitches, jerky movements, akathisia) and the QTc / heart rhythm related side-effects of Amisulpride, which are usually rare but can occur with prolonged use or higher doses...these side-effects usually do not occur however I do not take the drug for extended periods of time but I have noticed tiny muscle twitches which are only distracting if I pay close attention to them.

My EKG/ECG's were negative for QT-interval changes but my heart rate did go down a little bit on this medication. Diastolic blood pressure (bottom number) did drop a little bit as well, it created diastolic hypotension only on two separate occasions and only on prolonged use, but to be fair, I eat a lot of Garlic and Vitamin C in diet so it could be the combination of factors.

::Other Notes::

Should not be taken with other medications that prolong the QT interval, in other words, do not use Amisulpride with other medicines that affect heart rhythm. Amisulpride itself, at low doses, should not cause any issues, but it's best to always be prepared for anything, high-doses have been known to prolong QTc interval and moderate doses (>100 mg) can prolong it. 

The drug is generally safe if used below 100 mg and has tremendous benefits on emotional functions, mood, sense of humanity, sense of being 'alive', and being able to enjoy activities. In that sense, Amisulpride works better than any other drug, in or outside of its class, easily. 

It should not be combined with any SSRI's, certainly not with other antipsychotic agents, and definitely not with beta-blockers or other cardiac medications. 

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