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Friday, November 25, 2016

Delineation of Psychopathy, It is A Mind-State, Not Some OtherWorldly Being, Not Some 'Sick' Entity Within A Man

Psychopathy is a crude term applied to many individuals whom display a lack of remorse, a lack of respect for legal repercussions and for the law in general. It also is said that to relish manipulation, is a sign of true evil, and an untrustworthy person stands by deceptive tactics. If Psychopathy is designated by these outlines, then this could apply to more than those diagnosed as 'Psychopaths.

In fact, this criteria (lawlessness, manipulation, lack of remorse) can be applied to borderline personalities, bipolar incidents, methamphetamine induced behavioral alteration, and many other altered mind-states, some of which may not be intentional in nature, such as with delusional states , which in some cases can appear as the above, of course, because the overt dissociation, or apparent delusion overshadows rational thinking, or because the power of these delusions can impact normal emotional processes... but then, if these cases are strong enough to appear one way, and yet be diagnosed as something different, then what is the true determinant of emotional impairment?

More to the point, if such diverse mental disturbances can contribute to interrupted emotional connections, then how sensitive are emotions , human emotions, to disruption, convergence of other processes which block their normal expression, or general decay?

Is it also possible that emotions, are a state-of-mind?
Of course.

Which brings me to the main next point, which will stand as a rupture to stigma, and therefore countering the alienation of whom we call Psychopaths today. Law & Order , Serial Killer Documentaries, Criminal Minds and other TV programs have done a great job at elucidating the mental processes in offending Criminals who fit into what we call Psychopaths, but they also allow us, well, the majority of watchers, to overlook the origin concepts which are necessary to understand the root of Psychopathy and the early elements which , at base, reveal a more subtle, but important reality.

The reality that Psychopathy is a State of Mind.

And that lack of Remorse is not an inhuman phenomenon.

It is a very human one.

Furthermore, because it is often noted that someone who is a 'Psychopath' has the innate ability to dissociate themselves, from the perception of their actions, or from their own emotions, or from the reality of a given situation, it seems that even more so, Psychopathy is truly a mind-state. It is the absorption of crude, often materialistic, and undifferentiatable resilience as the energy and mainstay of ones mind state. Psychopathy is simply put, the state of being a linear minded, action oriented, power-inclined individual. It is the state of acting not on emotion, but of desire.

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