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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

AntiDepressants that Increase Sex Drive / Libido (Pro-Sexual Anti-Depressants List)

While most antidepressants are known for 'killing' libido, or decreasing sex drive significantly, there are some others that do the opposite, for many.

In this article we are going to go over those as well as the mechanisms of each of these drugs, and the WHY each one has its own difference. Each medication has its own section and Picture here, so as to make the whole read easier and understandable.  This list includes all current (up to 2017) Psychiatric medications used for Major Depressive Disorder (M.D.D) which is the clinical classification for Depression.

As a general rule, medications that block the breakdown or reuptake of Serotonin tend to decrease sex drive, whereas medications that block serotonin receptors tend to increase libido, IF they do not also have anti-dopamine or anti-glutamate actions. The drugs used for smoking cessation tend to have dual benefit as anti-depressants and are very strong in that regard. Certain drugs have more plausible benefit for libido than others due to purely pharmacokinetic differences; including in absorption and absolute bioavailability.

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1.) Wellbutrin/Zyban/Bupropion : Easily hits number 1 on this list purely because it only affects (and enhances) dopamine system activity [1], with some effect on norepinephrine [2] and some mild anti-nicotinic/anti-cholinergic activity [3] as lesser effects. Wellbutrin is incredibly popular in the United States as a ''quit smoking aid'', it is thought that Wellbutrin decreases both cravings and the effects of nicotine [4] [5] in part by blocking the receptors that Nicotine binds to (nicotinic-acetylcholine-receptors) thereby blocking the 'subjective' effects of Nicotine [6] [7].

Wellbutrin also has the ability to result in rapid anti-depressant effects when administered at a dose between 150 - 300 mg per day, 150 mg x2 a day is a reasonable dose for most people with actual Depression [8] [9].

The drug is well-tolerated and people tend to like the pro-sexual/recreational benefits as it heightens sensation, pleasure/arousal and libido drastically [10].

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2.) Aurorix/Moclobemide : Moclobemide is a MAO-A or monoamine-oxidase-A inhibitor  [11] which boosts libido by blocking the breakdown of monoamines and catecholamines, it elevates dopamine levels [12] [13] and can also increase Testosterone levels in Men [14].

Moclobemide is very effective at enhancing mainly the male libido, and keeping hormones healthy, but it may be effective for Women who take it as well [15]

Be sure to take all medication as prescribed, including Aurorix/Moclobemide.

Typical dose of moclobemide is >300 mg / day.

3.) Agomelatine : Agomelatine is a relatively new anti-depressant which is also a good anti-anhedonic (anhedonia is the inability to feel pleasure or satisfaction from activities and lack of emotional quality). Agomelatine is unique in that it antagonizes/blocks the 5-HT2C serotonin receptor [16] [17] [18]; leading to enhanced dopamine/noradrenaline release in Humans [19] [20]. The drug is very safe, and VERY effective at relieving symptoms of Depression [21] [22]. It also improves Insomnia effectively [23].

The rest of Agomelatine's actions relate to melatonin-agonism (stimulation) which can improve neuron growth in the Brain/nervous system and can treat Insomnia/Sleep Difficulties effectively [24] [25].

Agomelatine thus is very useful, it can be bought at Ceretropic in the form of powder, if you want brand pills, ask your Doc for a script. It enhances dopamine and noradrenaline and promotes libido in the vast majority of people who use it.

4.) Trazodone : Trazodone is an effective anti-depressant [26] and sleep aid [27] as well as anti-anxiety pill [28], and can treat/eliminate erectile dysfunction, including severe cases in Young patients [29] [30] [31] and in some of the Elderly [32]. It increases 'sexual arousal' rather than libido, in the classical sense, but still is considered a pro-sexual agent with anti-depressant properties, and in that sense, is the best drug in its class.

Trazodone has been used for a long time, almost as long as tricyclics and has incredible long-term benefits, but does have a hypotensive effect [33], particularly at higher doses [34] and when combined with other medications that affect blood pressure [35].

The medication is generally well-tolerated.

5.) Mirtazapine/Remeron : Classified as an 'atypical anti-depressant' and specifically as a noradrenaline and serotonin system modulator, a complex mechanism of action involving alpha-2-blockade and downregulation [36] [37] and serotonin 5-HT2A/2C blockade; leading to enhancement of frontal dopamine/noradrenaline release. 

Though sedating at low doses (15 mg), Remeron's antidepressant benefits become more apparent at doses of >30 mg up to 45 mg and 60 mg being maximum dose [38]

The benefits of this drug are many, it has beneficial effects on stress hormones, lowers cortisol/ACTH and decreases Prolactin levels. It may even increase longevity and have anti-aging effects on the cardiovascular system and on cells in general. It can be used for libido and general strength & Vigor.


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