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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Proviron, Masteron and Memory (The 'How Does' DHT-Gear Affect Memory Write-Up)

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Specifics, that's what everyone wants to see and hear...and that's what you'll get by reading this one. You see I was always a little confused as to this whole DHT-Brain interaction thing, until I did some research and wrote this article. Then you got guys spoutin' off in different directions saying stuff like : ''Proviron improves my memory'' or the other one ... 'Proviron messes with your head'. Yet, not a whole lotta' studies have been done on the topic, what we have is a lot of anecdotal reports based on self-perceived hormonal changes and their relevance to 'brain fog' and cognitive function, even Attention.

The funny thing is, even the biggest studies regarding the most 'brain-active' steroids have had a fair amount of rat studies to cover the backdrop or 'safety net' of the research, even if humans constituted the summary of the study, its difficult to pinpoint all of what is really going on what with DHT's numerous effects in the Brain/Body

What we do know is this...

  • Men with the lowest Quartile of androgens have an increased risk of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and poorer memory [1] [2] [3].
  • Men with androgen deficiency exhibit weaker attention spans than men with normal androgen concentrations [4] [5].
  • Men with higher androgens perform better at reflex-oriented and hand-eye coordination related tasks [6] [7].
  • Men with higher androgens have better long-term and short-term memory assuming androgens are being 5-alpha-reduced (turned into DHT) [8] [9].
Biologically, pharmacologically, DHT has important actions like stimulating the growth of new neurons [10] and the creation of new synapses (Synaptogenesis) [11], it increases hippocampal volume [12] and improves spatial-memory related-tasks; such as remembering directions, or using common-sense and sense of deduction to get out of a forest, like a survival situation [13].

Then we have specifically, reports on Mesterolone (Proviron), though can't find much on Drostanolone (Masteron), probably because medically, it is used mostly for breast cancer and rarely ever for hormone replacement.

Those reports state that Proviron tends to benefit older Men with existing memory issues/complaints, and that it can potentially improve memory in those with mild Dementia [14] [15] [16].

Taking all of this into account, including the biochemical actions and mechanisms of DHT and DHT-like compounds, including Proviron, it is fair to say that IF Proviron is going to have an effect on one's memory, its going to be a trend towards IMPROVEMENT, however, not in all aspects, no decline noted but what we are talking about here is a subtle improvement in things like Shooting, Accuracy, reflexes, directional memory (remembering where stuff is) and perhaps recognition of objects and Verbal Memory [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23].

Does this mean that Proviron is a nootropic?

No, and I wouldn't call it that. 

Yes Proviron has memory improving effects if you are androgen deficient, and perhaps subtle benefits if you are not, but it is not something I would take for memory improvement, nor should it be directly expected to improve memory.

Sure, it goes in that direction, to where some will see benefit to their memory and cognitive function, but its not a Guarantee - and it should not be used for that purpose alone.

Absorption and The 'Whole' Of The Effect

The idea of any anabolic or androgenic compound improving memory or having that 'side-effect' is not a new one, but there is a lot of variability in response and subjective experience regarding their effects on one's Memory and / or Mood, part of the reason for that variability is absorption issues, some people handle tablets well, others don't. 

Therefore, Proviron could have that 'subjective' effect for some and for others, Masteron would be the only compound in its class to yield those effects. So, memory functions are going to be improved only in those who can properly absorb the substance. Same goes with other effects, like increased strength and libido, muscle mass, fat loss, water loss etc.

 Question is, why would one get those other "usual" benefits such as the 'drying' effect and increased libido but not the memory improvement, and that could be merely due to other issues with that persons lifestyle.

 In Determining the Androgen's Effect On Memory Function & Cognition
Role's Explored

Poor diet and great hormones can still equal poor brain function.

Then, in that case we would see why there is such a variable response with these compounds in so far as memory goes. In those that don't receive any other benefits from the DHT-class of compounds, meaning, they receive all usual benefits but not the memory improving benefits, and other factors can not account for the difference; their lifestyle is Perfect (near-perfect), then the answer is that their neurotransmitters, genetics or individual sensitivity to androgens in respective parts of their Brain's are the reason for not experiencing memory improvement from the drugs. Thing is, as we said before, much is subjective anyway, so it could just SOLELY be a matter of perception, a perceptual difference per se, except that again, Androgens are not intended strictly for memory improvement.

In conclusion, Androgens should be used for their classical purposes like muscle growth, strength and improvement of general fitness in experienced Athlete's or in those medically of need only, using them for other purposes to where they are variable, or have insufficient evidence for, is foolish and leads to needless self-damage and a poor view of the 'whole picture'. Even though the evidence within this article is a fairly strong argument for androgenic compounds benefits on Memory, it once again does not equate to a recommendation for that usage in itself. It is a nice side-effect though, and so those that experience memory improvement while running a cycle/s will find it easier to Complete their Goals and all deeds in their Life.

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***THREE IMPORTANT OTHER SOURCES NIH/Press Endocrine/Springer***


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