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Monday, January 30, 2017

Can Proviron Be Used for Erectile Dysfunction / Difficulties? (Proviron VS Viagra for Impotence)

Proviron (Mesterolone), has proven to be a very diverse little remedy for many ailments. It is so widely used nowadays by Bodybuilders and even recreationally by some Runners and triathletes, that it has become somewhat a 'secret elixir'. Especially by those who favor androgens and the like compounds. 

There really is no comparison to it, for an oral androgen that exhibits specific androgenicity versus anabolic activity, thus it is a specific androgenic aid, with very reliable actions on nervous system and strength. 

Now the question Today is whether it is also a proven or valuable remedy for Impotence, a horrible disorder where the man can not become erect from sexual arousal nor touch, or not 'hard-enough' for intercourse, in these cases, the problem mostly comes from a vascular issue, however, these issues can START as a hormonal issue. We largely are talking about androgen deficiencies, a condition which Mesterolone here, can help greatly with [1] [2] [3].

The PROBLEM is, that Proviron is not a guaranteed cure for Impotence, in fact, it only really works when there is either 1.) A Clear androgen deficiency/problem  or 2.) Decreased/loss of libido which is happening simultaneously (at the same time) as the erectile other cases, the classical 'blue pill' (Viagra) may be of better use.

With that being said, Proviron can certainly be used in conjunction (with, along side) with Sildenafil citrate, or another 'boner pill', but it at doses between 25-50 mg twice a day are ideal, so as not to disturb natural hormone balance [4] [5]

I've also found, and it has been my experience in dealing with so many issues clinically, that the drug Masteron may actually fare better than Proviron if there is a chronic Impotency issue.

It has been found that libido issues often occur from other causes as well, so you'll need a Doctor (G.P/Phy/PCP) to rule out trauma, and other Physical and / or Psychogenic causes...if the cause of the erectile dysfunction is deemed to be psychological, then the drug Trazodone may be most useful, as it causes vasodilation and adrenaline blockade, is studied specifically in E.D patients with psychogenic erectile dysfunction [6] [7] [8] [9]. This includes particularly young patients as well. For other types of erectile dysfunction, consulting a Physician is always important.


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  1. Hey Jayzin, is proviron suppressive at low/recreational doses?

    On BB forums everyone talks about it being suppressive for high dose BB cycles.

    No one talks about what are the possible side effects at low doses only when needed.

    1. No, it is minimally to not suppressive at all for most folks who use it at 25 mg - 50 mg twice a day.

  2. Do you think proviron will cause acne in someone who had problems with with it and gone through accutane therapy?

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