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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Magic Mucuna Power! A Review of Barlowe's Herbal Elixirs Mucuna Pruriens Extract 40% L-Dopa


As of this moment (1/22/2017), this product Mucuna Pruriens Extract is in the ''General Health'' section of for $15.95 USD. However, it can also be purchased on his Amazon page, which some will prefer due to a wider breadth of payment methods and perhaps more convenience if they regularly order from Amazon.

This product contains a very high percentage of naturally occurring L-DOPA or Levodopa, which is a chemical component that converts directly into dopamine without the need for any usual enzyme conversion. Many people find it is even strong enough to alleviate some symptoms of their Parkinson's Disease (PD).

The exact amount of L-Dopa per capsule would be (according to percentage) 260 Miligrams (MG), quite a hefty dose for a natural product but also low enough to not cause side-effects for most people. Parkinson's Patient's typically take a MINIMUM of 500 MG per day [1], so two of those Mucuna capsules would equal a minimum Parkinson's dose. 


  • I noticed a dramatic mood boost on Day 3 of using this product, at only one capsule a day. The effect is like an enhancement of sound (makes music sound better), and seemed to affect general 'quality' from activities by enhancing the experience. Best way I can describe it is just an increased sense of Vitality and alertness.
  • I wake up earlier, and more refreshed when taking one capsule in the Morning, and one at Night.
  • It seemed to increase libido quite a bit, sometimes to an obsessive degree.
  • On bloodwork, Prolactin went down from 9 ng/dl to 3 ng/dl on this product after 3 weeks of use!
  • It seemed to improve focus and attention, but moreso motivation.


Mucuna has been studied a bit in Parkinson's patients and is recognized as a generally safe option for treating milder cases of the condition, sometimes even fairly severe cases have improved with Mucuna.
Mucuna is a product that is typically taken for its purported ability to raise HGH or human growth hormone levels, and to enhance the libido (sex drive) [2]. Some studies back these uses up, and others suggest it may yield these benefits in certain populations who suffer from dopamine deficiency. Mucuna seems to be a useful supplement for alleviating mood disorders, such as Depression [3].

This product can be taken without any side-effect or issue in most people, but it is advised to not take it with strong dopaminergic drugs unless advised by a Doctor, as adding L-Dopa in itself to another dopamine-acting substance or drug can and usually will result in significantly additive effects.

If you have a Psychotic disorder, taking this product is not advised, though it may help counter-act certain side-effects of Psychiatric drugs such as Anhedonia and Sexual Dysfunction. 

The supplement industry is not regulated in the same way the drug industry is, so to search interactions with this product would be futile unless you know what you are looking for - in which case, you would search the drug ''LEVODOPA'' as it is basically the same thing as this product, and the main component. Other active ingredients but in much lesser concentrations with this Mucuna product and all mucuna powders/extracts for that matter would be 5-MeO-DMT and possibly some amino acids, unique ones included, and L-Aspartic Acid/L-Histidine are other ones in the plant/seed.


Synergism is a complementary interaction between two substances, that equates to additive benefits than either substance given alone; therefore, synergy is important in finding optimal benefit from supplements.

Synergy is often a term used in prescribing medications, or in research centers to describe the beneficial application of adjunct treatment/s.

Synergy is important as it allows full benefit from any lifestyle change, ingested supplement or medication, and for all things to work as a Whole, in Unity and Collective reinforcement.

Things that synergize with MUCUNA/L-DOPA Include...

  • SELEGILINE (A medication used for Parkinson's & Depression when used as a Patch) : Inhibits the breakdown of Dopamine by inhibiting MAO-B.
  • Stimulants; Such as Caffeine and Albuterol which may increase uptake of Dopamine into neurons.
  • Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitors (such as Flowering Quince and Catuaba, see article here)



  1. Why is this powder white? Mucuna is a brown color, with a very distinct and earthy taste/smell. Ive had a very high quality 25% herbal extract powder that was very, VERY brown. Almost darkish in hue. Then I got a SUPPOSEDLY "15%" extract just today, that is total bunk. Even the NOW foods extract that I tried (also 15% L-Dopa)was brown in color and, despite smelling/tasting like the smell of a petting zoo, actually had _SOME_ sort of Mucuna taste to it, unlike the stuff I got today from Piping Rock that looks to be whatever you have in your hand in the picture featured here. There is NO WAY this can be what it is advertised as being, as far as I'm concerned. It's maltodextrin powder. Sugar pills. Somebody's getting ripped off. And personally, I would be very p/o'd if it were me.

    1. I'm not sure why its white but it definitely has L-Dopa in it, because it has nearly the same effect as when I've tried pharmaceutical Levodopa pills. So maybe his product is just purer and the actual mucuna plant maybe from a different source than NOW and others that you have tried.

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  3. Mucuna is known as an aphrodisiac tonic that is highly beneficial for reproductive systems. Mucuna has long been revered for its ability to improve mental focus and attention span. Many users take L Dopa Supplement to get above mentioned benefits. Very nice and informative article. Thanks for sharing such information.

  4. My husband is 80 years and has been suffering from PD for the past 15 years. Lately he started hallucinating and I didn't know how to handle the situation. He cannot sleep and tried to find and catch the imaginary people who he thinks are real. he was taken Entacapone with Levodopa, Carbidopa, and Pramipexole and started physical therapy to strengthen muscles. nothing was really working to help his condition.I took him off the Siferol (with the doctor’s knowledge) and started him on parkinson’s herbal formula i ordered from Health Herbal Clinic, his symptoms totally declined over a 5 weeks use of the Parkinsons disease natural herbal formula.i read reviews from other previous patients who used the herbal formula, my husband is now active, he can now go about daily exercise!! his symptoms so much reduced that now I hardly notice them.Visit there website www. healthherbalclinic. net com or email Info@ healthherbalclinic. net


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