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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Medical Uses of Kratom (List of Medicinal / General Uses of Kratom)

After DEA armed up last month (now last year) against Kratom, many people were (and still are) wondering how a large 'protective' agency and another suppposedly legitimate 'consumer-based agency' as the FDA, could target such a harmless young plant...a plant that only seeks to do Good.

...For this plant to be robbed of its innocence, is also robbing people of the `choice` of natural pain relief...and healing. Therefore, this ''herb'' which has been used for Ages in South-East Asia, is being targeted, wrongfully...!

There is no justification for this, it doesn't have to be paragraph upon paragraph of the research, but I'm going to say it anyway - because simple or long, banning a natural remedy which could HELP PEOPLE GET OFF OPIATES, is a criminal act. If not criminal, then Blind. Blind of the consequences, and certainly blind of the Truth.

So let's get started, shall we?


  1. Kratom primarily offers the benefit of fast, consistent and natural pain relief, when used responsibly, it acts as a pain-reliever on both the nerves and on muscle tissue as well as Joints - in other words, a universal natural pain reliever, one that can be applied to almost any form of pain [1] [2] [3].
  2. Kratom can act as a mood booster, again, when used responsibly and in careful, minimal doses, it is a safe & effective natural anti-depressant, but should be used primarily for pain relief by those in need [4] [5].
  3. Kratom is a powerful 'calming agent' due to its alkaloids central action [6] [7] [8] [9]. NOTE: Not all strains are this way though, gotta do your research
  4. Kratom is an anti-inflammatory, to some extent [10].
  5. Kratom is an immune-booster, many report it as 10x stronger than Vitamin C, science backs it up [11] [12] [13].

So there we have it, a Quick Overview of Kratom's proven benefits. Now of course, there are twice as many 'unproven benefits' but we are concerned with the Proven ones - they are the ones that matter, in relation to general health, and in relation to knowledge regarding Kratom, but ESPECIALLY, for making the CASE on Kratom's behalf, for reinforcing the FACTS that show Kratom's legitimacy - and unprecedented usefulness.


I'll be the first one to admit how many Quacks there are out there, and how many unsubstantiated claims there are regarding Kratom - cus' I've seen them all. No you can't pull the wool over my eyes, and those who are partially blind, and I mean from an understanding perspective, are the ones who (usually) fall victim to Kratom quacks and Charlatan's, but let's not get into the view that every claim that doesn't fall under the above is 'quackery', in fact - let's give people the benefit of the doubt for the other uses of Kratom. You see, I don't have anything against belief, especially in natural remedies, and in Insightful Judgement. When people learn, it makes me happy. 

I'm not a narrow-minded Guy either - I understand things. Well. Thoroughly. Its only when barbarian style attacks against things that do us well emerge out of the Dirt, so to speak, and crap gets spewed out of a horse's ass that doesn't know where 'he came from - that I get really pissed off. 

Okay there's other stuff that pisses me off.

But let's leave that there. 

The thing is everyone has a Voice, but everyone is capable of a slithering tongue as well, so therefore, as much as some things can be discounted, just as many 'wrong' claims should be shunned.

Let's be more specific.


  1. An ''Orgasm-inducer'' - and it doesn't create the 'Wave' effect that Heroin does - and it should be seen even remotely similar to prescription and 'street' any way, because that just distorts the fact of what Kratom really is.
  2. Kratom is NOT a tool to take over the World, it is not Cocaine, and it does NOT allow one to leap over buildings and avoid all pain that comes from brushing your knee-cap against a Stone Wall.
  3. Kratom is not used for Spiritual Encounters, and it is not a hallucinogen (Sorry Guys).
  4. Kratom is not nitrous, it doesn't cause you to burst out laughing in the middle-of-nowhere, but it may have that effect (Maybe!).
  5. Kratom is not something that will give you super-human strength, or to break out of handcuffs, and it will not allow you to read people's thoughts.

So now that that's out of the way, I think its safe to say you can all, and keep reading!

  1. Kratom has a mysterious past behind it, and though it has been mentioned in Shaman texts, it is mostly in the context of healing and pain relief, and as far as that goes, Kratom is literally a living miracle.
  2. Kratom is a Plant, A Tree, it has leaves, and it breathes...ain't that exciting?
  3. Kratom is a resilient plant, and grows fine under a lot of different conditions.
  4. Kratom is easy to take care of ^, but if you grow one, or keep one, do take care of it Please!
  5. Kratom is specially gifted in the ''art of ease and relaxation'', it should not be underestimated, but it should not be abused, either...

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