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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Where to Buy Pure IGF-1 Online (Explained & Source Overview) (Exposing Fake IGF-1)

Insulin Growth Factor-1 or IGF-1, is an important bodily protein that reproduces most of the beneficial effects of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) [1] [2] [3]IGF-1 has the ability to increase nitrogen retention in Muscle [4], increase the growth of new muscle fibers [5] and increase growth and function of other organs [6]. IGF-1, for that reason has been used alone by bodybuilders in attempt to see how much of the effect of HGH can be replicated, and in most cases, the results are very favorable. 

This is in part, because HGH causes a release and bodily production of IGF-1.

Now, even though Bodybuilders have reaped the benefits of IGF-1 for years [7], most of them do it by injecting Human Growth Hormone [8], a smaller percentage of competitive sportsmen actually use IGF-1 itself, and the reason is because the availability of the pure recombinant form is sometimes scarce. 

Most suppliers often dilute it, obtain it from poorly regulated sources or simply don't use any real IGF-1 at all. This has been a frequent complaint in the bodybuilding community [9], which is why, IF you are to buy the compound at all, it would make sense to source it from a legitimate pharmaceutical supplier, such as Geneza, rather than buying from ''research chemical shops''. This does not mean that research chemical shops are incapable of being legit, it's just that I've found that IGF-1 is one of those products that is frequently faked.

Read more general information about IGF-1 --> Here.

  • The bottom line is if you are looking to buy IGF-1 online, you should seek a recombinant form only.
  • If you are trying to search in the form of research chemical shops, you may be let down.
  • If you buy from a source that does not get put to the test by third-party testing labs, the purity is not a guarantee. 

IGF-1 is dirt cheap to Obtain, so Why do People Fake It???

While this may be true and Chinese shops often hold bulk amounts of it - not to mention the under-the-table deals done by USA research companies and biochemical companies, the problem comes back to old-fashioned Greed and next to that would be laziness. Some shops expect you to give them your dollar without having anything to show for it - and since people fall for it, it keeps the fake businesses running. 

In the case of the lazy suppliers they probably don't have a good head on their shoulders in the first place or simply don't do back checking since its 'too much work for them'.

Our team of lab experts was responsible years ago, for unveiling many fake research chemical companies, as well as our partners, have frequently participated in making sure that liars in the business are confronted. With that being said, we don't police the business by any means we just make sure that scammers are being called out when we come across a business who have proven THEMSELVES to be as such. This has been a part of our business for years and we believe in reputable products and the business model of old.

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