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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Creation of Destiny 2018

I haven't vowed to move forward in emptiness of thought, nor have I discarded pragmatic thinking in favor of an unrealistic temptation. I have though, forever guaranteed my Destiny in favor of a reality that does not depend on any one thing except the Spirit in which has surfaced it. 

Yet it will never float nor be maintained by ignorance, the reality of it itself will be shot down if that were the case. Instead, the Ego no longer bearing its burden will be converted infinitely into Humility - as a humble offering and one pleasing to God - the guider of our Destiny. A human element is not required, but Impunity is inevitable. For those who believe. A request has been made to not lose integrity, and that a blessing be cherished as not a means of leverage but a means of Happiness. Not one of disruption nor of corruption, Greed is exiled by the Soul for the Soul. This following the surreal (vision) that the one GREAT idea is the one less acceptable to others. The one that repeats is yet only one destiny.

If we were to accept the reality (which has been done, consciously) then we are to accept as humans the Courage needed to see all in the Light of Equality, not favoring Judgement over one another and not discarding the Wisdom in which we value - but truly using that Wisdom for Open-Mindedness sake. The ability as humans to understand each other must not be lessened.

To achieve happiness...
5 Things to Do Not.
  • Do not embrace ideology versus personal belief.
  • Do not discard instincts, but do not live off of Fear.
  • Do not believe that the Judgement/ways of others are absolute.
  • Do not underestimate the Power of Belief to create your Destiny.
  • Do not allow others to sabotage your efforts, under any circumstances.
                                                5 Things to Do.
  • Be bold in your pursuit of Happiness.
  • Be open-minded in your pursuit of Happiness.
  • Be energized by the thoughts of what can AND will be, rather than just "can".
  • If it seems, make it so, instead of try, make it happen.
  • Reinforce your creativity to achieve Happiness.
                                                 A Last Point

For Happiness we must remember...
It becomes so if our Reality is made on the initiative of the result we desire. It is the result of making things in the Image we desire to be.
It is the result of making things in the way we desire them to be. 
It is the result of our perception versus others, that we see what we are meant to be. Our ideas uniquely us are the bridge from where we see others and yet ourselves, if we forward our objectives as objectives only and not part of an Ultimate plan - then it is not worthwhile, we must be convinced that the End-game is Happiness and nothing else. 
So what if reality will be harsher than fantasy? Then those things will be taken the same way, conquered and removed by the same Faith that created the realities, it is an even trade-off, because even if we were to live solely for the Destiny of another we would find these parallels. 

There is no such thing as allowing Hope to become a reality, it exists as a lingering element, one that is easily superceded by virtually every other emotion that can be taken as initiative. However, it has its place in remaining virtuous and in integrity. Therefore Hope is not useless, but simply one that must be timed for Success and for Happiness, it can predominate our thoughts - because there is one thing stronger than Hope that must be the dominant Energy for achieving the things we Desire - Belief. 

Hope is not a guarantee, but a Belief can be rooted in such Power that it becomes a guarantee. I believe it will and so it shall. My belief has almost always been proven right. In Belief and in Faith I have seen the Impossible come to pass. I have seen miracles not explainable by anything other than the sole fact that Belief can summon further will and the wills of the Divine (God) to make an achievement in Thought, an achievement in Reality.

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