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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Important Things to Remember About Gifts From God (What to do After A Prayer Is Answered)

One important aspect of Prayer is knowing not only that Patience is a requirement for one to be in Grace and to receive an answer to their prayer in integrity and humility, but also that one is able to appreciate fully the response to the prayer and to take up full appreciation of the Gift as it is received AND afterwards!

Patience is not *necessarily* a requirement to obtain what one wants through Prayer, though a lack of patience may make one so unaware, clumsy or ignorant that they end up working against Gods work towards what the person wants.

Something many of us overlook because While God is doing all of his work to make our Perfect destiny (to which we know not all of his methods), Ignorance and impatience is in direct contrast to our own mental well-being and likely to the work God is putting in for us. 

Which brings me to that EXACT POINT - if we can not appreciate the Work God is doing BEFORE he gets it done - what happens AFTER we receive our Gift, do not appreciate it and the Spirit surrounding it - then we either make an action causing us to lose it or we lose Faith and / or appreciation so much that the Gift no longer retains its Spirit...if significance of the Gift given to us can be lost that easy by our own Ignorance, imagine what God is feeling! 

He does all of that work then we go and mess it up???

 As such, my Prayer Brothers and Sisters in Christ, tonight, is that we remain calm and in communication with the Holy Spirit - that we are open-minded enough to RECEIVE Gods instructions regarding any Gifts that we May Receive so that we may Appreciate them in Their Wholeness and be able to Maintain the Life we have Desired or therein that God has desired for us. But Remember, while many of us (even the majority!) are built for the Destiny God has given us, some of us are built to Create our Own Destiny, but one that Includes God (YAHWEH) and the Consult of Jesus Christ (YESHUA) to Whom We Owe EVERYTHING!!!!!

Therefore, do not be alarmed if we do not receive Everything Immediately - for Gods Work is NOT Finished until the Story is Perfect! The Life we Have Chosen OR The One He Has Provided - God is our Salvation and our Perfect Teammate. To WHOM We Can Attribute Our Victories and Accredit Jesus Christ Whom We Achieve Them In! Amen.

Let Peace be With All Of My Family and All of Those; both Believers and Non-Believers! In Father Jesus Christs NAME I Pray Amen.

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