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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Is there really such an thing/entity as Soulmates, or is it just varying degrees of combination of ingredients: compatibility, harmoniousness, and attraction?

This question was Asked on Quora today.

AMx ReBorN's Answer: Actually the concept of “Soulmates” IS the Perfect Combination (or near-perfect) of those elements. I would also add RELENTLESS/unceasing commitment to each other and both would need to find a balance between Obsession and Serenity. Even then, those relationships are not only rare but have their imperfections that the two involved choose to overlook - for the sake of each other and those two individuals would find both Freedom & Love in each other.

It is, an incredibly rare phenomenon but Yes, I believe it occurs.

However, others beliefs would be based on perception. They might see the phenomenon as simply overwhelming compatibility - but then if you take that for face-value and walk it backwards to what I just said in this post, it ends up proving the same point either way. Some people just give it a different name.

DISCLAIMER: I’m a Man of Logic, but I’ve seen and experienced things that can’t be explained.

~Dan Gregory of Blog Area-1255:

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