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Friday, January 5, 2018

Why Would The Devil (Satan) Energize Someone In Isolation? (Why Does The Devil Give Me Euphoria) (Answer to Asked Question from Gerald M)

This question was asked to me by a fellow reader named : Gerald M.

I'm not going to be too dramatic but essentially he asked me "Why does Devil give me Euphoria?" and I've seen others who either pray to him or feel his presence explain it in a similar way or in an energy-giving way. But when examining the CONTEXT, its almost ALWAYS an arrogant-Psychopathic Energy that he gives.

So why does he do it? Moreso, why would he do it to someone who believes in Jesus Christ as their Savior? The reason is THE SAME in believers AND non-believers.

The Devil wants us in a non-humble state. He provides Ego, and Arrogance because it is his personal mockery of the nature of God - to get us hooked on the Way of Sin.

 Additionally, in our INTERACTIONS with people - if we carry his Energy with Us, others may no longer (including our loved ones!) respect us in the same manner - that's his trickery! His goal, is to corrupt NOT JUST OUR SOULS - but ALSO, our Relationships with others!

So - Why would God (The Lord) allow it to happen to us? Because its a Test. He wants us to Know (deep down) the tactics of the Devil so that We May Be Prepared and knowledgeable to face them AND TO KNOW WHEN TO CLEAR THEM FROM OTHERS...WITH PRAYER!

If we take in the Devils Energy - and Say our Interactions with Our Congregation are then Met in the Hostility of THAT ENERGY - What will Our Congregation Feel - and for those WHO ARE IN THE HOLY SPIRIT - they will only see Us as a Dangerous Conduit!

Therefore - the Devils Mission is Complete - in that he has contaminated a once pure individual or worsened one who is not Pure. Either way, it stands as Mockery to Gods humble, loving spirit. 

God wants us to know that if We Are to Experience this tactic, then we should use it as knowledge.

Then Counter Satan's evil plot, and break out of the shell of Arrogance and replace it with Humility.

I have been directed to write this through the Holy Spirit - that we may all be encouraged AGAINST the Devil and his tactics! 

Amen in Christs name I pray, in Guidance from the Holy Spirit.

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