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Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Arcane Nature of The Anti-Christ (Son of Perdition/Man of Lawlessness)

DISCLAIMER: This is all Biblically-based and yet it is really based on Insight into Personality Traits of World Leaders.

The Bible speaks about an evil figure, a Prophetic Omen, that of the Man of Lawlessness, which is the only CORRECT term for the Man people refer to as the "Anti-Christ". AntiChrist though, is referred to as a Spirit, which implies it moves from host to host, seeking a formidable candidate. Or, that there are many peoples in this world that embody the "evil" traits.

However, the elusive and arcane nature of the Final Prophetic figure, to whom is attributed the destruction of the world and mankinds Soul - is much more complex.

It is spoken that this man will have supernatural powers of perception, that would include. Being able to do exceedingly bizarre things to which appear to the untrained eye as "miracles from God". 

This man will have embodied the personality of a Malignant Narcissist (taking after the legend of Narcissus) but he will also have Schizoid traits.

What is more important however, is his ability to perceive the thoughts of others. No one will be able to stop him because he will "see" all attacks coming before they occur, with the sole exception of the "fatal injury" to which he survives.

However, the Fatal Injury may be a bit of irony - because it may also refer to an "injury" of the kingdom. Biblically, "The Beast" refers to the Anti-Christ Kingdom. NOT THE FIGURE. NOT THE MAN. Therefore an Injury and that who's wound was healed, I believe, originally has to be the Kingdom/Government involved with world rule. But since I CAN'T IMAGINE someone would do NOTHING about this Man. As Einstein said : "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything".

I believe something will happen to him - whether a Gunshot, a "fatal" disease healed (such as Rabies or such) and / or other major things to in which he miraculously recovers.

This could translate into multiple pathways of resistance within the figure, meaning, the persons hatred of humanity (and YES, he HAS TO HAVE A HATRED FOR HUMANITY) would match his pity and disgust for even his own people. His belittlement or perceived belittlement of his past would come back to reinforce his ever-glowing Anger with the World - and his lust for Power will Continue.

It will be reinforced...

This man will be such a RELENTLESS tactician, that no matter WHAT you do to him - he will find a way through a PERFECT FURY of Pessimism, Rage, Narcissism and utter Insanity that he will Conquer the World. He is possessed of an inhuman, immovable Satanic Spirit and Ego - as such, in All Gain AND In All Loss he will remain the same. Immovable. Unconvincable. Unceasing. Possessing The Level of Faith and yet Despising any form of Faith. Caring Only About His Position, and Power.

This man will be born out of Secrecy, or at least out of trouble/chaos, he will emerge through Chaos and Anarchy in the World - his element is staying covert, a master of hiding his own personality from others. He is also arcane, or mysterious and not understood - because people can't understand HOW he continues in the face of what he faces - his level of Perseverance, it is often described as "almost inhuman" or even...Inhuman. He supercedes and surpasses the normal consciousness of human thought - and conspiracies by people and Spirits, support. The Universe truly "conspires" to give him support...but not at first, first he is in a War with himself - telling nobody his DARK SECRETS.

He is of his own nature - willingly malicious and totally vicarious. Yes, Vicarious he is, for when he sees another he admires, he gains Insight into himself, he gains desire for their things and possessions, he obtains without Conscience and begins his Own Journey. 

His creativity is unletting, and his viciousness for his destiny is marked by Blastphemy and Arrogance. An ultimatum can not persuade him - not even one endangering his life. He likely hates his own Parents and has no empathy for his own family. He is isolated as a black-sheep and yet embraces the concept - for in Chaos he is Made Sane.

His Arcane nature is the formulation of these attributes through Isolation and Solitude - made Fierce by his ever-growing desire for Power and Conquering the World. His traumas and experiences, though emotionally unaffected (he is a Psychopath!) - still mold and shape his arrogance into being COLD as a titanium-infused stone block.

Nothing can change him.

Therefore, he is the Son of Perdition - he who's SOUL IS ETERNALLY DAMNED.

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