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Thursday, June 13, 2013

5 Ways to Speed Up The Tanning Process

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Anyway, this article includes 5 Ways to Speed up the Tanning Process and it Describes Chemicals to Induce Tanning (Pigmentation).  Keep in mind, not all of what I mention is "Chemical". I mention Diet too!

Let's get Tanning !

                                              [ Idol Tan Sunless Tan Lotion ]

This is a very well formulated tanning lotion, and I've used it on three different occasions as well as close friends of mine have. It is potent and you don't need to use a whole lot, but the results work pretty quickly. This is a lotion that will get you tan, it is not junk, bunk or pure hype. Because I have seen it work and on myself and many others. If you apply it daily, stay out in the sun for about an hour at least, this will accelerate the tanning process.

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                                             [ Melanotan & Melanotan II ]
The second way you can speed up the tanning process, is by using a nasal spray of the Chemical Melanotan or Melanotan II. Studies have shown this chemical to be very effective in regards to increasing pigmentation (1) (2).
  Melanotan is also identified as a chemical that can reduce body fat and suppress appetite (3).  You can buy these chemicals legally on !

                                              [ Atomic Meltdown 'Lotion' ]

You can also accelerate the tanning process by directly applying a transdermal lotion (supplement) known as Atomic Meltdown. It works both as a tanning agent and a fat burner. Apply it on your abs, on your face, on your Arms, back, wherever. Personally I can tell you - me and my buddies have used this before when we were in London, and it worked very very well ! Within a week all of us noticing more pigmentation. Of course, it was real hot and sunny over there too, hard to get away from. 

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                                            [ Work Out and Eat "Right" ]

Numerous studies have highlighted the importance of a chemical called "cyclic AMP" in the process of pigmentation (1)(2). Aerobic exercise increases levels of this chemical in the body, by increasing adrenaline, which then tells the body to increase this thermogenic and pigmentating hormone(3) (4).

Additionally, eating more protein increases the level of this chemical - cyclic AMP(5).

                                      [ Take Forskolin Supplements ]

Forskolin is a compound that activates Adenylyl Cyclase, which increases cyclic AMP (intracellular - in the cells), as said and sourced above, cyclic AMP accelerates the pigmentation process and helps you get tan quick.  Forskolin has valid studies for this application as well, but you should use it in a cream form (1).  Also I have not used pure forskolin cream before, but it is included in Atomic Meltdown formula listed above, and I have used that, as well as Idol Tan, and they both include Forskolin and Work !

But I can't say for sure it's the forskolin doing all the work, but it certainly looks promising based on studies and user feedback (2) on pure forskolin products. 
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  1. people also need to go out in the sun to tan n not expect a pill or cream to do everything

  2. @David, you are absolutely right! Too many people want the magic pill.

  3. Based on my personal observation, I can honestly tell you that over-weight people can easily lose up to 10 pounds in their first week by using Yacon extract.


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