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Saturday, June 8, 2013

(TRANSFORM) Forged MHO Poppers Review (TRANSFORM)

ForgedMHO Poppers Review      BY : D.Shiva                      

4.5/5 Review of TRANSFORM's MHO Poppers Anti-Estrogen

OK Guys, D.Shiva here with the review on Transform's Anti-Estrogen/Test-Boosting Product - MHO Poppers.
This will count as both a Review and A Log for Forged MHO Poppers. 

!First the Review!

Forged MHO Popper's contains an Anti-Estrogen compound known chemically as 3-(4-Aminophenyl)-3-cyclohexyl-2,6-piperidinedione, but the shortER name For it is - Cyclohexylaminoglutethimide (1) ! It would appear this compound acts as a competitive aromatase inhibitor (2) (3)The product also contains N-AcetylCysteine also known as NAC.  N-Acetyl-Cysteine acts as an AntiOxidant (4) and it has protective effects on the Liver (5).  NAC in general has very good reports and reviews by fitness enthusiasts and athletes, as it enhances endurance. (6) (7)
So the ingredients in this product are solid.  Now here is my specific log and observations with the product.

During the first few days of taking this product; in which I had chewed and swished around for about 60 seconds (it is sublingual), 3 a day, I noticed some interesting effects.  My first observation is I felt calmer and more focused.  I noticed that about 10 minutes after each dose, this wave would hit me, and I began to feel at ease. I was no longer anxious about anything, at the same time I could feel like running for an hour without the normal sense of 'over-stimulation'.  I did. I actually went to run several times after taking it, and my endurance was up quite a bit. My sprints seemed longer, and I didn't have to stop hardly at all.

My second observation (specifically on day 3) is I feel less bloated, and my muscles have gained density, but this effect really intensified on day 6 and day 7.  My biceps felt more solid, even when not working out.  My abs felt more solid and showed more detail.  My forearm became more solid and veins were poking out more than usual. 

By week two, I have lost 3.5lbs of fat (even though I am only 10% body fat anyway), and mainly around my stomach.  I have been doing leg presses 3 x per day, 10 reps each.  Also, about 1200 push-ups per day, and 600 sit-ups.  Can I really attribute it to this product ? Well I don't take ANY other supplements except Vitamin D3 and Omega-3's, and a multi-vitamin.  Until now, even with the same amount of physical activity, there has not been that much of a result, plus like I said, the bloat is down too and muscles feel harder.  There has been no change in my diet at 2100 calories a day, 70% of that is protein.

My next observation with this product is, libido is very slightly decreased. Sexual thoughts have slowed down a bit.  Then again, that could just be because I have had a lot of work these past few days, and been focusing on local matters. So THAT part in particular I can not guarantee came from this product. 

One downside of this product is by night time, I feel more tired than usual, and, I like getting my sleep, but I also sleep longer, and feel a tad bit lethargic when waking up. 

So is MHP Poppers any good ? Here is a summary of what I've noticed.

  • Muscles got harder.
  • Felt Calmer; More Focused.
  • Less Anxiety.
  •  Strength Increased
  • Libido Slightly Decreased
  • Lethargic Upon Waking

All round this product is 4.5/5 stars = Excellent product. 

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