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Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to Reduce Prolactin mRNA With Supplements (not just altering level of)

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What Supplements Will Do This - BY:AMxProd

Most of you involved with Bodybuilding and Fitness, probably study a whole lot of sex hormones, steroids/neurosteroids, proteins etc.  For those who don't know, prolactin is a hormone that 'regulates' your testosterone production, as well as dopamine production - both testosterone and dopamine, are important neurohormones that help to improve quality of life, enthusiasm, motivation and sex drive.  Those who have studied prolactin reducing supplements, will find ways to reduce how much prolactin is produced, usually by increasing dopamine - supplements like L-Dopa, or ginkgo biloba do this But how do you actually reduce receptor and mRNA concentration, so that prolactin can't bind to it, and can you cause permanent decrease of prolactin activity this way ?  Yes.

A Multitude of Studies have emerged that show the Supplement - Royal Jelly, can decrease significantly, the prolactin mRNA, leading to long-term increases in pituitary weight (1) (2). This results in higher testosterone, dopamine, and subsequently; better quality of life, a higher libido, and better strength in the gym.  Royal Jelly has also been shown to increase brain neurotrophic factor, and glial cell neurotrophic factor(3)(4)(5). These enzymes, increase dendrite growth and rejuvenate your brain cells and production of new cells in the reproductive organs, of both men and women.  Important because, this causes growth of erectile tissue, and can be used in synergism, with other growth promoting supplements, and would be perfect along with nitric oxide supplements for penis enlargement.  

Royal Jelly has also been shown to increase energy production and thermogenesis (fat-burning) through the modification of an enzyme called - TRPA1(6).  This means there are multiple mechanisms by which Royal Jelly has benefits for general health. It acts to preserve and restore youthfulness, by rejuvenating the pituitary gland naturally. It acts to modify specific enzymes to restore general health.

So this may be one of the greatest breakthrough products for those who don't know. If you feel the urge to pick up some Royal Jelly, the one combined with honey tastes very good, it can be put on Bread or toast, used as an ingredient in pies. I enjoyed this product very much - Royal Jelly in Honey. You can of course, do your own research first, I would never advocate not doing the research, but it is all in this article, and keep in mind I would never try a supplement, without doing proper research on it first.  So yes, read the studies, and then when you decide, enjoy, you will be amazed what this single supplement can do.

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  1. royal jelly did seem to increase my strength in the gym a little. i combined it with eggs in a protein shake as nasty as that sounds...

  2. royal jelly is aight.

  3. Isn't prolactin correlated with DHT?

  4. Great article, Totally agree with all of these sup suggestions!

  5. One of your sources is deleted.

    Also you had a post on about royal jelly for penis enlargement that the mods there deleted. I want to know how that works.

    Also I have an untouched subject that your blog could be the first to talk about outside of just studies. Email me at

    1. Yeah the mind and muscle link was; alright sure, I'll e-mail ya. I haven't been on slut hate in a while...heard there are some fools posing as me though.


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