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Thursday, June 13, 2013

List of Oxytocin Suppliers / Where to Buy Oxytocin Spray Online

List of Oxytocin Suppliers / Where to Buy Oxytocin Spray Online
Personal Compilation - REVIEW & PUBLISHED BY: The HexOmANSiR

Oxytocin is a hormone and neuro-modulator/neuropeptide which has important roles in many physiological functions. It regulates emotions; specifically - bonding, trust, anxiety, fear, aggression.
Oxytocin's potential benefits are...
  • Decrease in Social Anxiety Symptoms
  • Increase in Empathy 
  • Reducing Paranoia
  • Increased Orgasms/Orgasmic Intensity (men & women)
  • Increased Mental Clarity

There are three methods of absorption/drug delivery, and thus three different oxytocin products. You can use a nasal spray containing oxytocin, you can, you can use a pheromonal oxytocin spray, which indirectly, will be inhaled and affect your partner as well. You can also buy injectable oxytocin, which you would inject subcutaneously and it acts quicker. Oxytocin is safe in recommended doses, and has low toxicity. 

Oxytocin Products

"Oxytocin Factor" Oxytocin Spray
This oxytocin product is a nasal spray (intranasal oxytocin), and is quite effective. My wife and I have used it before and the effects are very pleasant. It seems to really increase passion in our lives, even after a bad day. My enthusiasm is much higher while using this product and I feel no longer "tied down", I feel more open, collected, and focused. Thoughts flow much clearer, no doubt. Anyway, it's kinda expensive for the amount you get. But the effects are there, and although there are a few who have suppossedly gotten nothing out of this product, I of course, do not know what their lives entail. Just remember that you need to achieve a state of balance for this to work, and be patient, its not a 10-second cure.

Vero Labs "Liquid Trust" Spray (now called CONNEKT/ATTRAKT)
Liquid Trust can be sprayed anywhere, it has no odor to it, except maybe a slight "rubbing alcohol" smell. It can be used to generate a peaceful environment along with other natural air fresheners, it seems to work well in combination with Vanilla Aromatherapy Spray and Lavender Spray.  Thank God for Synergism ;)
Spray this on yourself, and I can tell you First-Hand, people will open up to you out of no where, you instantly become this person people can confide in. You are literally altering your aura, and people sense you as safe to be around. This spray is great for you and your partner to restore bonding, and trust, and thus honesty.  It really helps refuel relationships. 

Oxytocin Injection (Research Chem Form)

And this, is the third form of oxytocin supplement, you would need to buy the research chemical, dilutents, syringe and needle etc, all separately. It's a pain, but subcutaneous injection almost guarantees effectiveness. Injections bypass the liver and act almost immediately. I have never used this form yet, but I plan to. When I do, I will update with results.  Peptide is purchasable here and here.

Also find it in Google Search "oxytocin peptide research chemical buy".

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  1. not so sure bout oxytocin in general i personally think vasopressin has more benefits.

  2. oxytocin is a great product for whom it applies. its not something you get high off of obv.

  3. This one I don't agree with. Oxytocin is junk, garbage, in my opinion!

  4. Oxytocin is real shit. My wife sprays it on herself and it helps put me in the mood! Puts that passion back in our life !!!

  5. best oxytocin supplier list ive seen. ^_^

  6. agree with the author on this 100%

  7. def real oxytocin products. ive used the oxytocin factor personally and love it!

  8. def great list on oxytocin, agree 100^%

  9. Oxytocin is worthless unless you are injecting it. Nasal spray you have to use two times the normal dosage.

  10. Any recommended dosages for subq use? I have heard 50 and 75mcg and 100mcg twice a day. 100mcg once a day, 150mcg once a day, 200mcg once a day. And have heard 100mcg daily with 200mcg about 30 minutes before sex.

    I have used intranasally before and it eventually did work, only with steadily increased doses (finally up to 10IU in each nostril 3 times, twice a day)... which got somewhat costly.

  11. According to this site (should go to a pdf file), the dosage was 1mg per kilogram bodyweight, so a 220 lb man would have a daily dose of 100 milligrams... MUCH higher than even 200mcg twice a day!

    1. Better URL?

    2. A lot of "coversion tables" have their heads wrapped up - then by the time it gets to the customers grasp - things have already been distorted. What I mean is, we shouldn't go by consensus with a lack of scientific vision, but I have a feeling that in mg would non-sensible for most of all "average bears"...however, you also have to take into consideration dose will change based on method of delivery, and the specific person in question...Alotta stuff to take into consideration!

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