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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AI Sports Nutrition - Massularia - INDEPENDENT REVIEW

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OK. So it seems the fitness world is lacking a real, independent review of AI Sports Nutrition - Massularia.  One whom is not sponsored, given free bottles, or coerced in any way. That'd be me. I have been into fitness and bodybuilding for over 10 years. I have worked at the BAC (Buffalo Athletic Club) for 4 years.  I know what to expect from these so-called "test-boosters". I know how people come in and rave about the products, and I know based on their training (generally), if what they speak about, results wise, is even nearly close to the truth. 

The amount of Reps, Paid and Sponsored loggers, and over-advertising for supplements is disgusting. 
I have seen many people deceived by products that don't work for them. It's my goal to ensure you a real and legitimate, 100% honest review. In which all negatives, are clearly spoken of. If I feel the product is shit I will tell you.

On to this, AI Sports Nutrition - Massularia. Massularia is an shrub which grows in Western Africa, the stem is chewed on to prevent gingivitis and kill already residing bacteria in the gums. It also was chewed for an aphrodisiac and fertility boosting effect.  Some studies back both of these facts up (1) (2) (3).

But does this definitely translate to humans, and how much of a dosage should be used ?

Appears it would, namely at 250mg/kg; many people claim to be seeing results from it. There seems to be a lot of people who stand by products with this ingredient. But as in the Case of A Massularia only product, with no other ingredients, does it work. 

Here's my review/log on AI Sports Nutrition - Massularia.

First off, the product can be expensive. Especially off - it is 39.97. On bodybuilding warehouse, only 31.45.  If you take two in the morning and two in the evening (4 a day), the bottle will last you a month exactly.  

During the course of the bottle I had noticed some interesting effects.  It seems like my body was getting warmer after taking it the first time, bout an hour after, I had an un-usual burst of energy, and an amplified drive to work out. I really questioned whether, one dose, could have that effect. So I kept taking it. By day 3, I was finding it a bit hard to sleep at night, I would much rather go for walks all throughout the day and night, I had a relentless compulsion to stay active. When I did sit down, the first thing on my mind, was getting everything and more done, from the day before, that wasn't finished. The sense of focus was enhanced, I wasn't as easily distracted for some reason.

Day 5, I am now noticing, a very intensified libido and sensitivity. So much that all it takes is to look at a real hot chick in the store for one half of a second, and get instant wood. At the same time, as mentioned before, there is warm sensation throughout the body, as if there heat eminating from my pores (which there is). The sense of vitality is just amazing.

Day 6, completed a full workout, 1600 push ups, 5 sets of curls, free weights, and 500 sit-ups. The pump was noticeably better, and still that warm sensation going through my body. Sense of focus is going strong as a bull.  Only downside is I am only getting 4 hours of sleep per night.  

Day 14 - Starting to notice compositional changes, veins are poking out more, all across my frame, and I lost 2.5 pounds in fat. Getting some gains in my arm width as well, and just feel great.

Day 20- I'm not sure if the effects are starting to wear off a little or what, but these last couple days, I've been feeling a little tired, and the warm sensation is hardly noticeable, the last few days though, sleep has been better. I have been getting 7 hours of sleep as opposed to the initial 4, which admittedly, is a little bit disturbing.

Day 30 - In the past 10 days, and in finishing the bottle, I summarize my experience with this product. Here is my conclusion.

  1. Product gave noticeable "warm sensation".
  2. Product sky rocketed libido and sensitivity.
  3. Product increased sense of focus and vitality.
  4. Product made it hard to sleep for a little while.
  5. Product increased strength and vascularity, while decreasing body fat.


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