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Sunday, June 22, 2014

5 Important Ways to Detoxify Your Body and Increase Metabolism

                                              5 Important Ways to Detoxify Your Body and Increase Metabolism

Well folks, another very important aspect of health that so many miss with the "miracle pill" illusion - detoxification. No matter how many fat burners you take, or how much protein you are eating - your results will be at the very least hindered, in whatever it is you are trying to do, if your body is not being detoxified properly.
Now the good news is you don't have to pay 60 + $ for a supplement to detox, you can simply alter your food selection from the store and change the bottled water you drink. 

In fact, let's start there, with hydration. 

The First important detoxification method is by NOT drinking tap water and instead, preferably drinking a purified reverse osmosis or spring water that contains a substance known as FULVIC ACID.

Now, what is Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid is an organic electrolyte found in some plants, soil and springs - it is an extremely potent antioxidant (which helps protect cells in your body) and it helps increase liver removal of toxins!

The best bottled water I could recommend for a good price, that also is PURE and contains fulvic acid is known as "BLK Water".

An image is shown below.

It can be found in some grocery stores like Wegmans, or you can buy it from Amazon - HERE.

What this will also do, is by drinking it regularly, you are ensuring a proper balance of electrolytes that will stimulate digestion, and help remove toxins from the colon and liver. The fulvic acid helps to "hook" heavy metals and remove them from your body. In today's world, many of us are toxic in metals like Copper, Mercury and Aluminum without realizing. Simply using artificial deodorant's can accumulate our body's with aluminum (as it is the main ingredient) - anything you put on your skin, will eventually end up in your blood!

Thus, we can ensure better health by staying hydrated and detoxifying at the same time!

The SECOND Way to detox - is focusing on removing toxins from the Skin and Through the Skin!

How do we do that?  

Well, for one - let's practice more Cardio and exercise more, we want to sweat out the toxins!!!

Second, we can increase blood flow to the skin and pores not just by exercising, but by taking a Niacin supplement before exercise.

You can pick up a cheap niacin supplement pretty much at any drug store, or grocery store - and you want the regular kind, NOT the "no-flush" niacin. Be aware, you will experience a slight or severe skin redness and tingling for a few minutes, it may seem like an allergic reaction - it is normal after taking niacin though.

You can take up to 2 Grams of niacin before a workout - but this much is not necessary. Just take 500 MG before a workout to start, dose up to 1000 MG or 1.5 Grams if you want.

The THIRD Way to detoxify and Increase Metabolism, perhaps a little more obvious. RELIEVE STRESS.

Don't worry too much about what you can't control, don't keep thinking about the things that bother you. This will cause you to eventually lose your metabolic output, and excess stress can cause insulin resistance!

I would also recommend a supplement called Growth Factor XT if you are an individual who has trouble sleeping at night, lack of sleep is terrible for your health! Getting more sleep is a means of increasing detoxification, as all of your organs (including intestines and liver) can benefit from increased sleep. Cortisol and Adrenaline, in excess, can damage your liver's ability to detoxify properly. Thus getting more sleep, preferably not using drugs to do so, but natural supplements and meditation techniques, is a great way to reduce the negative effects of these stress hormones.

The FOURTH Way to detoxify your body, is by nourishing your liver directly. How can we do this? 

Eat liver healthy foods like CELERY and BEETS....also I recommend an herbal supplement known as "Milk Thistle". This is an herb that will rejuvenate your liver function and increase detoxification processes.

Another herb you can take, which isn't very expensive, is known as "Burdock Root"...burdock can also help restore youthful hormones such as Growth Hormone and IGF-1. Burdock is a potent blood purifier as well, and can remove heavy metals and excess estrogens from your blood!

Finally, the FIFTH Important way you can detoxify your body and increase metabolism - is by ensuring you have a healthy bladder and kidney and are free of urinary tract infections. The best way to do this, is by eating Pomegranates, Cranberry's and plenty of fruits and vegetables in general. This will help ensure proper detoxification and boost your immune system significantly. Altogether, the less toxins you have running around, the stronger your entire body and hormonal profile will be!

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