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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why the Strongest Souls; are a Tower Torn down and Re-Built Many Times.

Khalil Gibran wrote...

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

A quote that has been referred to many times, in movies, in books and even in simple writing....

You see, each of our lives are a spectacle from the outside look - if one were to be filming each of every day, throughout our entire lives; the things we go through, the things we desire, what we've argued about - what we've physically and mentally fought for - each would be it's own unique masterpiece. While someone can sit there analyzing what we could have done at certain points to improve, to further ourselves when we didn't, at the same point, seeing that we made it in the end, made some sort of dream or even a simple desire be fulfilled is a marvel in itself.

Even more interesting, is the life of one who has been through immense struggle, and in his interactions, the tale of a meaningful warrior - a soldier holding life on it's shoulders while it kicks his ass, but still holding it all the way through right to the waters of success. An analogy brought to you by one who is not seeing it, but bearing it, and being a water bearer himself, a literal expenditure and emanation of himself upon the world. It's allowed me to see others and their strength and to recognize those of similar abilities.

The most important question, what to those yielding similar consistency have in common? Simply, that the worst of the worst has been brought to the footsteps of those in mention (including myself), and yet, knowing this, and seeing the other end (in which brings it), I've qualitatively spoken and will assure you, that not one brilliant soul alive, nor one strong and successful man, who now is on the shoulders of success, has gone through life without peril!

Has sustained energy in an industrialized society, one where convenience is treasured and cherished, but yet, discrimination, fighting, organized and engineered disruption is still present. I've seen the darkness among the brass bars and the stools of steel, I've seen the ignorance of prosecutor's of humanity, I've seen the fury of closed-minded fools, I've seen the Reminiscing sobber mouthes of uninformed individuals. I've been through persecution, but I've risen above it. I've had my mind tangled in conflict with itself, in a way that many others wouldn't understand, except a similar soul, a titanium plate worthy of exceptional endurance in life. Yes, even during the mental struggles have I been faced against foe's of all kinds....and even them, even with scars have I risen above. Stronger than ever.

You see because every tower will be torn down, another tower will rise up during a flare of destruction, but the only ones that will be left standing at the end are those who have understood conflict. 

Every strong man is put through trouble, is forced to Obtain Discipline in the face of a seemingly unstoppable force, every man at some point will face conflict in their own mind. But those who have faced the most difficult of persecution, by the system of corruption we live in, by our fellow man, by our friends...and having fought multiple great adversities - these are the souls that keep on going. These are the persevering, magnetic, energetic, leading souls of humanity.

You have to face multiple conflicts to obtain true Perseverance, and no matter what anyone tells you, the most difficult fight is the fight of pride, the fight of sacrifice; it's not easy being a leader nor a teacher. Because in all this, you feed the flock of nonsense as quickly as you fight against it, because nonsense always tries to bicker a little before it's battered. As a strong persevering character, I have endured a past that has caused me not to question myself, but to question what I must further establish myself on, I see the steps ahead and then they vanish. Then they appear again, appearing differently - and again, to what end is this for? I have begun to reason that the enemy is alive and well, and I am still in training even though I have obtained much strength, I am very wise though I can gain more wisdom. I am enduring but I can (and surely will) endure more, and with this mindset you Know who I am.

I will stick to my goals, and I will stick to my own reality, the reality some may see and others do not, but I expect challenges, and though this is inevitable, it is merely a test. A test brought to a Warrior for a reason, but I will persevere as I always have.

By all this you see why it is necessary for a strong soul to endure much struggle, because how can we emerge stronger without something to put behind us? How can we know without having thought? How can we think without seeing? How can we bear without bearing? How can we learn without having learned? It is the past who makes us who we are, and what we are. All of our qualitative traits, our strongest emanations, are a product of our past and our struggles, but we can become stronger by them or we can let our past control us, weakening us. If you live a life of some merit, of some productive value, if you have goals, you must understand, that you will face conflict. Because in those who are losing and in those who lost, all of us who are on a legitimate journey in life, are subject to them only for a moment, because analysis fails or is underthought, brought from the ground of the obstacles is a water of blood and chaos, we step through it because we see the end goal in beyond, and knowing this we take a risk. Because those born of courage and strength don't settle for less, we emerge through struggle and conflict, being torn down and re-built, so that we are Truly Fit to reach our goals. So that we are seen in all of our glory by our maker, having a story of our own - fit for the future and for the final medal after having achieved everything here on Earth....we still have more to bear.

Without this understanding, we wouldn't gain the knowledge of the truth. None of it would make sense, some things are made to make sense at a time for a reason, later on we dismiss to see a greater reason for a greater thing, then we offset it for something that doesn't seem as great, and ends up being greater. Understand the momentum of this force in life, understand the pendulum of this fusion of propensity. Understand that every great force is going to be tested, but we will only be in their periphery when we exceed them and reach our goals. We will emerge. The strong souls, living a life of conscience and meaning.

Having obtained true power in Equilibrium with true Spirit, having understood serenity and vile misdeeds. Having understand the lies and the reality. Having understood everything, and then achieving it.

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