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Thursday, June 5, 2014

(Corageon) of Faith and Courage (Corageon)

People wonder what Faith really is, is it merely a quality or strength that someone has, that comes from an unknown energy source..? Is God the creator of FAITH? Or Faith from some other entity in which we are only the mediators to? Are we working off of the emanation's of the Earth? Is Faith a product of nature and well-being itself? The answer is....almost all of this is true, but alone, one of these statements Alone - is False. We can not generalize faith either, because every man's faith (not as in religion, but strength and hope) is cultured differently, it is a resolution that works consistently - and that is both an adapted response but even more so - a motivation to keep going. Not from an "invisible entity" alone, but from a combination of the factors involved in life itself.  We are the initiators of Faith, we are even the creators of this strength, but we are NOT the only mediator....God is a mediator of our Faith...if our intentions are good and well-placed, whatever we see as our goal, God is that entity. 

So now your question can we be the creator of this entity but Not the mediator, yet how can we be the creator of an entity that is God or is mediated by him? Simply put, our willpower initiates the reasons and call for Faith, our desire to see things happen and to keep going is the initiation, then our soul binds with that entity, and both our heart and our mind keep for the entity's appearance. In other words, when we desire something, we call upon the strength that is Faith, the signal reaches the entity, and the entity grows, and the mind of that entity continues to resonate within us, and manifests as we believe in it.

This is the reason why Spirituality is effective, this is the reason why men of Faith Succeed and create change, this is the reason why there is conflict that appears in response to the emanation's of "one of Faith"; the continuous belief does indeed summon a host of changes in the body and mind, creating a peaceful aura for those who believe the same or who are close to this person - but for those oppose either the belief, or the person, they feel the initiatory signal as a "foot strongly planted", and this is intimidating to those people - especially if a wave of experience is behind the said person of Faith.

The magnitude of the Faith is a decider of both courage and influence. The more faith, the more internal desire - the flame keeps going.

I am a man of Faith, Courage, Bravery, Trials, Wisdom and Spirituality. I am one who has witnessed faith, and the power it can bring - the miracles it can summon. I have witnessed these miracles manifest, I have witnessed the diversion of my enemies, I have witnessed the thunderous applause from above, as I succeed to my goals. 

I am a man of Knowledge as well, but I am open-minded enough, and not blind, to the point that I see the truth, and what is lacking in much of humanity. People go forth to obtain knowledge, but they forget that without applying that knowledge, and having a real entity - a real force to keep you going, you will lack consistency. People seem to also lack tolerance, they also don't know when to apply correction upon another and they either never apply it, or apply it wrongly - to everything. This is also where Faith comes in, belief in a higher power; it allows you to form a strategy for every independent and separate confrontation or event. If you can read the thoughts of others, and go with a divine intuition, you have empowered yourself to an end that no one else can understand.

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  1. go forward Corageon! you will succeed! i believe in u!


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