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Thursday, June 26, 2014

iForce Nutrition Intimidate SRT Review

 Running Log on "iForce Nutrition" Intimidate SRT

1 Cap Nightly.
:::Noticing much more refreshing sleep at night:::
Already noticing the "drying" effect.
This is gonna be fun.

Endurance is Absolutely through the Roof!
Strength is already noticeably increased. 
Sleep Quality +++++.
This is good stuff!

                                                                    DAY FIVE AND SIX
     The improved sleep quality is really having an effect on next day focus.
 I've also noticed more intense dreams lately. Also pushed out a few extra reps on the last set of bench (4). Also appetite is noticeably increasing each day!! Taste Buds are even "enhanced".


BENCH PRESS - Extra Reps (+4,3,8) Respectively, each Set.
Didn't know what to expect...
Waking up every morning - refreshed and feeling absolutely rejuvenated. Not SORE at All! :o

Sleep is greatly improved. Noticing that even without a preworkout, pumps in the gym are Greatly "enhanced".
Vascularity is emerging in a very pleasant way!
My veins feel like they are on fire!

DAY 10 - 13
Look. I know this isn't a nitric oxide product..but it certainly feels like the strongest one. My arms are grainier than grainy. :O

DAY 14- 18
Not too much more on these days. Continuously getting very good pumps and sleeping very well at night! +10 LBS and 5 extra Reps  on the last set of Bench!
I attribute a lot of this to the increase blood and pump. Chest feels swole as fuck!
::Intimidate:: was the Proper Name for this - it creates a very serious but confident biochemistry (or "enhances" what you already have ;D)
Some very VERY potent mood-lifting/Euphoric Properties of this Supplement!!!!!

DAYS 19-23
Waking up feeling pumped at this point. Vascularity and Solidity are all in gear.
Recovery is A+++
Also noticing FURTHER intensified dreams! Very vivid, like I'm in a whole nuther world or a simulation!
Strength is way up and beyond. 
Also I am noticing improvements in Cardio capacity...VAST improvements. Do not need a rest hardly at all.

DAYS 24-27
Just about done with the bottle. The sleep is amazing, can work better off of less sleep. More energy throughout the day and a very powerful focus coupled with a euphoric effect. Everything feels more organized (and is), routine's are easier to follow. Vascularity is up and I have pumps are amazing on this!
More toned as well and strength has increased greatly!

Recovery and Soreness.
Hardly ever get sore on this, when I do, it's short lived.
Very powerful.
Great run and Endurance is also maximized. The Zone is about right!

I have a lot to say about this product.

RECOVERY   = 5/5

It's hard to think that a simple formula such as dehydrololoide (a natural aromatase inhibitor) and NMDA (N-Methyl-D-Aspartate) could have such a profound effect on overall recovery. There is a Definite testosterone increase on this product - all anxiety slipped away and my stance was heavily confident (more so than usual) and euphorically aggressive ((when needed, during workouts)). I ENJOYED all of my workouts Thoroughly and loved this product's influence on general motivation. But the KEY POINT is certainly - RECOVERY.

I was feeling the effects the first week in - but week two and three - I was hardly getting sore at all. The soreness was extremely and surprisingly short-lived.

SLEEP = 5/5
My sleep was MUCH deeper and more restful, and I had the most profound and vivid, interesting dreams on this Sup !!!!!

Strength went up in EVERY category imaginable, and endurance was way up as well!

PUMP = 4.5/5
Not particularly a nitric oxide Product, but noticed very strange parallel's. Noticed my arms were much more Solid and pumped, as if I had taken a 24 hour nitric oxide product. Now I didn't have the caffeine on hand most of these days, so it wasn't that. I purposely did NOT take any N.O products prior, so as to have an honest Review of this Product!!!!!

OVERALL Rating = 5/5

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