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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Rising Epidemic ; Stereotyping Sexual Preference without Proper Definition (or without Suitable Vocabulary) & False Accusations of Rape

A long-standing issue in the eyes of many, especially in America; is the ongoing media misrepresentation of sexual assault, sexual predators (and classification thereof) and incidences relating to. Specifically I refer to such incidents such as the false accusation of frat members of the UVA - and it's president's scrutiny as a highly symbolic example.

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                                      <President Of Fraternity Falsely Accused Of Gang-Rape>


Proven to be false and yet a convincing story from a manipulative young freshman ( "Jackie"), threw the abyss with a barrage of questions at the accused and at the general public, and yet, until police verification, certain evidence and then the final recant - nothing was done for true justice.

This represents a growing concern in America where the systems vision (as in anti-rape squad) seems to have many holes and not enough of a defense for those on the other side of the wall. Now of course we don't want denialists taking over and recoursing or reverting the stance back to the early 1950's (!) - where no protection is given or a blind eye was more or less turned to rape victims , but we certainly don't want this whole situation flipped to where the male population becomes complete victims...especially if we have over-supported feminist groups or those with a general anti-male paradigm in their discussions holding the gun.

Additionally, we are totally deceiving the youth by the very indescriptive, almost one-sided media presentations about "rape culture" - and indeed, I understand it's improper for media spokesmen to be too scientific, but in a vast majority of reports where a male is either criticized for rape or accused of sexual assault - there's improper terminology and savage stereotypes being used.

EVEN females who have such dated a younger girl (or boy) of their class-age (such as 18>15) can be stamped a "sex-offender" and also incorrectly a pedophile...why is this terminology wrong? Because if one is attracted to a younger person who is within the ages of 15 and 19 - the correct term (and universal) is actually EPHEBEPHILE - which is a long-way from pedophile which implies attraction to ONLY 11-years or younger ...!!

One example is shown below here of a girl being implicated as a sex offender for dating a girl three years younger (though both in high school) --- Florida Teen Arrested for Dating - Deemed "Sex Offender"

Here's another where a male (18 year old) gets criticized and accused of holding "a victim" (15-year old girl) even though the sex was consensual - and the girl did not want to press charges (they were in a relationship) and they had been dating for months - many have thrown items at him who have seen him around, such as bottles and change - and have accused him a pedophile...again, INCORRECT TERM - if you MUST SAY SOMETHING - be correct in your terminology - it would be EPHEBOPHILE - even though even that word shouldn't be used when they are both dating and neither wanted this to happen.

This type of stuff goes on all the time - here's a well-known public defender's report  (!) - he had to deal with this shit daily - and even he (who has been on both sides) hates the stigmatization and the statutory rape laws.

Which are interestingly , very different from state to state. Which brings me to the next highlight of this discussion.


The above is a powerful representation of this epidemic - though some would call it a mockery of sorts - and does anyone ever stop to understand political incentive?

While I understand that almost all statutory rape laws and the corresponding sentences are the result of pressured in cases from concerned citizens - parents, namely. There are also those that are subject to political scrutiny within their advisors striving to meet a certain standard - even if it goes against their own values. This seems to be present more in dynasty's that care more about public image and overall appeal than in deciding a fair fate for those who may be accused ...with minimal age difference.

What's disturbing to me is every state, and every side thinks they are right, and human nature makes this no surprise - but it shouldn't be allowed as an excuse.

One's ticket to enjoyment of life, and their liberties should not be subject to ensured violation by political endeavor's who hope to see deprived attention seekers as their sword and shield.

This goes the same for false accusations of rape - including those like this one where not only is one falsely accused of rape but also is a feeble 1-and a half year age difference!!!

Now how can one who supposedly feels there is a rape epidemic, also a sociologist - ignore the profound evidence that adolescent behavior often comes with impulsivity and poor decision making?
Have you ever heard of kids accusing others of stealing their toy, or brothers and sisters making sibling rivalries next revolution? The need for attention clearly runs high in adolescents, how can you possibly make such assumptions and ignore TRUE scientific evidence while at it?

Oh - but that's right, you don't have kids , do you Ms.Schneidder?

This is where the "trip" becomes an issue - we have improper and obviously unstudied (or just unfit) so-called "professionals" that attempt to throw around authority without proper evidence to match it up - and all because one parent screams for it....

There's never a provision to make certain circumstances such as this either invalid - and statutory rape laws still carry a hefty sentence considering what you are talking - and a 1 year age difference shouldn't match up to 2-20 years (!) or even 1-5 years (!)..

Fairness should look at every FACT, not just the rising "symbols" and procedure associated in society - and the lack of assessment specific to circumstances is leading to unpronounced amounts of human suffering, un-necessary instances such as those referenced above and those below.,

This is beyond concerning, this is a true epidemic, and the groups who deny the following (feminists and otherwise) should spend their nights in jail for improper use of terms in which may lead to unwarranted harassment of undeserving individuals.

  •  A pedophile is someone (at least 18) attracted to 11 years of age and YOUNGER! (1) (2) (3)
  • A HEBEPHILE is someone attracted to early teenagers or pre-prepubescent, but normally intra-pubescent children - meaning 11 and a half to 14 years old.. (1) (2) (3)
  • This one needs certain attention - an EPHEBOPHILE is someone ; an adult attracted to adolescent post-pubescent girls or boys - aka 15-19 years old, from high school to co-eds/college girls / boys - they can not and should NOT be misconstrued as pedophiles or even hebophiles!!  (1) (2) (3)

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