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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Weight Loss Herbs that Also Protect the Liver ( and do not harm it or adversely affect the liver) {Area-1255 Special}

Many people are searching for herbs that are easy on the liver, and at the same time, when you are searching for weight loss herbs - not all are effective. Finding a safe, effective herb or natural product for fat loss when one's liver isn't in the greatest health can be especially difficult.

It plagues me that this information isn't clearly (or readily) available, so once again - the results of my research will demonstrate an easy to find solution - based on relatable and applicable evidence. 

If you have elevated AST levels, creatinine, this may not be a marker of diminished liver function - it could be, but not always. Let's just assume you DO have a weakened liver, is it safe to take weight loss supplements?

It depends, you have to figure all possible factors in, and you shouldn't reject the advice of your caretakers, physicians etc
If your liver is only mildly decreased in function or efficiency - then a good bet is to take a safe herb that is efficacious and has identifiable components with a multiple scientific reports. You want herbs who's active components are not only pharmacologically active but who's mechanism of action is identified, thus ensuring that there is a pathway that isn't harsh on the liver.

Comparing doses of herbs is a different stake than comparing pharmacologically active components or the concentrations of them, but you ideally want an herb that is HEPATO-PROTECTIVE and clearly can provoke weight loss, elevation of metabolism, suppression of appetite, or all of the above.

One excellent example is JIAOGULAN AKA Southern Ginseng or by it's botanical nameGynostemma Pentaphyllum.

It's active weight loss component is called DAMULIN A; it is an AMPK activator (read about AMPK here), and it's liver protective substance is called Ampelopsin (!).
It also has anti-tumor properties, committed from it's polysaccharide content (see study here).

{anti-obesity and safety assessment}

This herb can be purchased below.... below the product you will also see excerpts and further research on this remarkable herb. You can also buy life extension products "AMPK Activator" who's main ingredient is also jiaogulan leaf extract. Both are listed below, side to side.

Primal Herb JIAOGULAN                   LE : AMPK Activator       

A video analysis of the herb present in both products (JIAOGULAN) is shown below.


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