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Sunday, April 5, 2015

{Review} Peak Nootropics PHENYL PIRACETAM Review :: INDEPENDENT {Area-1255}

   I have to admit, I was a little skeptical of peak noots at first.

However, the prices and decent quality control (improved greatly since the last two years) - have inspired me to give it a little trial for myself. 

Now..phenyl piracetam is a stimulant nootropic with additional anti-epileptic effects and supposedly, anti-psychotic and anti-anxiety effects in some circumstances(!). It seems to have the ability to increase dopamine receptor expression and to help abate glutamate neurotoxicity (which explains its neuroprotective/anti-convulsant effects)...

See study main URL HERE, or simply click image below for better view.


My experience with pheno tropil is interesting...the scooper that comes with the product can be used to measure it out, I used one scoop per day for the first few days. In each case, I diluted it in a drink of water - in a glass cup .

At some days I would use 3 scoops at once, overflowing, this gave a noticeable rush but also some insomnia and a generally overstimulated type feeling. Sort of like a raw adrenaline rush....

At the end of the first week (normal dosing) I found the product greatly improved alertness and sensory vigilance; such as smells and taste buds.

I found my aspiring creativity to be noticeably enhanced and a general clarity (sort of like when you feel sufficed from a powerful and fulfilling workout) to set in at two scoops a day...

Which I set as the consistent dose on week two. 

The lights and colors and sounds of everything around me seemed to be quite...well, amplified. Not in an annoying fashion - but rather, just more noticeable..everything was just more enjoyable in an odd euphoric way on phenotropil...

I can say it certainly seems like a dual nootropic / anti-depressant - but in most cases it's not a normalizer but rather a channeled energy - it's stimulant effects are not intolerable for most people and certainly aren't least not until higher doses..such as the three-four overflowing scoops. 

I also believe that the third week had some much more intense effects - as I noticed much greater creativity surges during this time and my thoughts were not wandering but controllably exercising their "catching" ability to find new areas of interest and innovation. 

Some of this is best reflected in some of my other work - as in my video's .

In the fourth week, I noticed enormous increases in workout strength and a serious amplification of energy produced from high nutrient foods...

Either way, I enjoyed the product greatly!



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    1. Oh Yeah, you mean like the ones in that sly link there?
      I'll leave the comment for now. I see another one though from you though, it's gone.

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