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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

NEUMYO-OA - A New Heavy-Hitter for Mind and Muscle (ANTI-GDF11/GDF8 ANTIBODY)

This article has been exclusively written for TrueLIFE Research - and to foster further progress within anabolic/anti-catabolic research specifically entailing myostatin and GDF-11 (neumystain). NEUMYO-OA is Exclusively developed by TeamTLR for the purposes reasoned above.

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Without venturing too far into the world of marketing enthusiasm that could come from such a subject, its worth mentioning that myostatin inhibition has been the subject of much important research, that includes very recent research (2013-Dec 2014+) in terms of muscle wasting, anabolism and just in terms of general research where the goal is improvement of overall muscle and body health. 

Now, myostatin is a protein that also is named GDF-8 ; Growth Differentiating Factor 8 (!) - it plays a role in skeletal muscle formation and in protein synthesis rates. Specifically it is seen as a muscle mass inhibiting factor, as mutant forms of the gene encoding the protein in humans result in significantly increased muscle mass and dramatically increased amounts of strength(1) (2) (3).

Expectedly, there's also been a whole lot of 'failed experiments' involving potential myostatin inhibiting supplements - some based on herbal extracts which showed very minimal myostatin inhibition (in the 30-35% range) (!) and others based on FERTILE EGG YOLK POWDER (such as "Myo-X"). Now it's not to say that these productions were completely useless, or that are void of any benefit - but in terms of contrasting to the central compounds one could say are the "theme" of major studies - there simply is no comparison . Also. many supplements that could* in theory bring progress to the myostatin inhibiting world lack oral bioavailability, but realistically, uptake of anything you put into your body can be dismantled by acids in your stomach. Then there's body weight and individual variations in temperament / sensitivity to such substances.

...But let's move beyond myostatin for a moment. Another growth differentiating factor "NEUMYSTAIN" or GDF-11 - is a potent inhibitor of nerve growth factors and nerve growth in general, by other mechanisms. One could say it is the "brain and nerve equivalent of myostatin" - by inhibiting this factor we would have substantial nerve growth and prolongation of synaptogenesis(4) (5); especially where muscular nerves are at play - thus allowing for effective muscular neuron growth and enhanced function. 

It is said that there is a collaboration of GDF8 & GDF-11 in inhibiting tissue growth and nerve growth - so the combined inhibition (or "antagonism") of both of them will lead to substantially amplified muscle growth and muscular neuron growth as well as neurite outgrowth possibly in the skin and some regions of the brain(6)

This solid research all should lead us to go beyond just myostatin inhibition alone - that's where NEUMYO-OA comes in - this compound (ANTI-BODY) is a direct antagonist for the human growth differentiating factors ; GDF-11 (NEUMYSTAIN) & GDF-8 (MYOSTATIN) - which will lead to much quicker and more pronounced muscle growth and anti-catabolic (anti-muscle breakdown) . It is the phase in the developmental revolution of understanding these proteins and how to manipulate them for 'true' scientific progress. 

As we continue to move forward in the age of scientifical renewal - these advancements are going to be prolific and we may soon begin to see the slow eradication of muscle catabolic states and other disorders where catabolism may be produced. 

Some of the GDF-11 related studies in regards to it's, lesser known other activities, are more or less in their infancy - but in terms of safety - the inhibition of is not questioned in average subjects(7) *(8)*. It may however be worthwhile to note that older subjects may want to consider the risk in altering nerve factors and certainly, dose should be accounted for in all research and ongoing testing. 

Nevertheless - future presentations will reinforce the efforts here and as the peak efficiency in such compounds are reached (and we're already almost there)  - we will have even more dramatic results.

For now, do not underestimate the affinity and efficacy of NEUMYO-OA - which at the moment is the most potent myostatin inhibitor that also dually inhibits GDF-11 and is in an optimized state for subcutaneous administration. 

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