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Friday, April 17, 2015

Testostoral-OA - Moving beyond 'Old-School' Testosterone-Mimetic Compounds & Extending the Platform of Safe, Effective Oral Anabolics (Non-Hepato-Toxic)


This article has been exclusively written for TrueLIFE Research - and to foster further progress within anabolic/anti-catabolic research specifically by upgrading the realm of safe, oral anabolic compounds and extending the platform previously seen as narrow - TESTOSTORAL-OA is Exclusively developed by TeamTLR for the purposes reasoned above.

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Since their inception in the late 1930's, anabolic steroidal compounds have had a strong influence in medical science & study, then in athletics, and later in culture(1) (2).  They are such a powerful representation of how far medical science has come - that they (AAS) are so greatly intertwined in all area's of modern life; even being picked up in legal discussions. In documentaries such as Bigger , Faster , Stronger, they yet again spur up an even greater audience and formal discussion. 

 They began with androsterone, soon followed with many other oral anabolics , then further pasted on the window of opportunities were injections and even transdermals. Some of these compounds investigated were used in successful treatment of some forms of breast cancer (e.g masteron) (!).

The majority however are seen useful in cases of absent puberty or in the induction of muscle growth in wasting diseases. They have high clinical utility, despite being seldom used in much of the mainstream medical regions(3).

When it comes to athletics, olympics or otherwise, anabolic compounds are of high desire, and have been for quite some time. Even those not involved in publicized games or competitions are yearning for the chance to run their next , or first cycle.  However, a significant disadvantage is found for those who hate needles, and yet are drawn away from using oral anabolic's due to their traditionally high rate of hepato-toxicity (liver toxicity) - as opposed to injections which show low/insignificant rates of toxicity.  Additionally, oral anabolics are generally also unfavorable for the reason of low bio-availability and / or protein binding, which essentially means they don't absorb well and can be seen as less effective by some experts. This is demonstrated with compounds such as Proviron, or even traditonal anabolic's that have been made oral such as testosterone undecanote  (Andriol) (4) (5).

Now however, there is an alternative that is both bio-available and non-liver-toxic (non-hepato-toxic) - that alternative is a novel, legal research compound with a much greater potency than other oral anabolics.  In comparison to injectable testosterone it has demonstrated a potency ~16-20x within androgenic and anabolic parameters, with a somewhat significant reduced estrogenicity.

That compound is known as....

Testostoral-OA is a First-In-Class Non-Hepatotoxic Orally Bioavailable Ultra-Potent Testosterone Mimetic.  It has been designed and developed within the intention as to a future Optimized Agent for testosterone replacement and within other applications where such agents can be exploited.

Testostoral-OA is highly bioavailable via the oral route of administration and demonstrates a potency within animal assays that predicts an effective oral dosage for replacement therapy at 1mg to 2mg per day, q.d. or b.i.d.  Within potential use within severe cachexic states higher doses may be warranted for superior nitrogen retention.

Testostoral-OA is optimized for many valid uses, in addition to being an OTC alternative to TRT - it also provides safer depictions and greater results in those with muscle wasting, it is highly optimized on all parameter's. 

This compound will be valuable on many other functions as well, in perfect synergy with DHT compounds that are heavily libidogenic in nature, such as DEHYDROMESTOLON-OA and in great synergy with other androgenic compounds. It is a magnificent asset to anabolic regimens or just "All-Male" enhancements - where overall male vigor can be upgraded to near perfection.

But...standalone it is still far superior than other oral anabolics and efficacy does not begin to describe it's unequivocal results. Figure in the ideal ratio of anabolic:androgenic and this has become the "new Indigo-kid on the block" - the prodigy amongst anabolics , far away from the house of liver degradation. This is the one people have been waiting for, and it is going to greatly expand the area of interest - and inspire medical science to see forth roads not previously seen. It is a tremendous resolve and will hold the torch without trembling, for future groundbreaking developments. 

Safe , oral AAS are now here, with great biovailability and efficiency. 

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