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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Expanding our Understanding of IntraSocietal Fear ; Collaboration of Distrust & Neglect Fuels Conflict

Fear creates delusion, understanding that people fear hastens and allows for additional delusions, and knowing people's fears reinforces the potency and significance of that paradigm (AMx ReBorN)

Many people strive to understand, claim they understand fear, but fear persists as an entity far more sophisticated than those who have proceeded from the debut of it's vindication.

Within every portion of outward integrity, in every walking spirit - are smoldering ashes from the remainder of old feuds, traumas and distastes. Fear can re-ignite these ashes - and when one obsesses on the vibes of the past - it then can begin to form it's own life again. Memory is a powerful weapon - and an eye that never forgets , so when people see what may become of it - fear is re-inforced.

Fear has survived the times of the past and expanded it's influence to the present; but have we expanded our minds to understand fear in it's entirety? Can we predict the movement of fear and can we see it's many colors?

Fear is as much a substance as it is an emotion, but it is an emotional substance; flourishing with almost electrical current and making up the collages of people's esteemed presentations. Whether at 10% or 90, fear defines personality, or rejects it. Fear is owed a crown that many fail to appreciate, and yet, when it is undeserving, people appreciate it too much.

Fear largely takes on two forms.

1.) A vessel of reflection.

2.) As a relay of imperfections.

Yet, one can argue the two points are the same, but can we elaborate on the invigorating posture of fear as it self-molds itself into either of the above? Moreover, can we suppress the destructive influence of fear in either form?

Fear is also a currency of communication - one that often partakes in the ostracism of invalidities and unfit entities.  It becomes a reference point deemed worthy to be utilized for the sake of what is called "the better purpose" - and a shining sword for those who practice deceit. Fear is a facilitater of fraud and contempt, and a mainstream forgery peaked by the shallowness of society. 

Now when fear creates delusion, it heckles the heckled - fear becomes a whirlwind that resides with the stressor while amplifying it. 

Fear creates delusion, understanding that people fear hastens and allows for additional delusions, and knowing people's fears reinforces the potency and significance of that paradigm (AMx ReBorN)

Further than this, my belief has led me to the observation that wherever there is fear, there is also mercy. Because often through fear, our greatest progress is yet made by retention. When we are in fear or a cold sweaty panic, or engulfed with ruminations, we may certainly feel at a loss. Like we are at a disadvantage. The reality is, during these times our strongest character is built. We become steadily immune to what we have faced, and even if not right away - it leads us to action and resolve. When we win this war - when no longer is fear able to consume us, (and not because we are FearLESS) - then we admit to ourselves our greatest insights and indignations. 

Now we build character. 

Fear is something that certainly can be paralyzing, but in the midst of our struggles we must realize that we are merely looking through an alternative mirror. A cloudy one.

One that does not last against us because when our eyes really open, we see beyond those clouds. Beyond the shroud of darkness

This is the signature of fear-adaptation, and of strength, and of courage. 

Mercy is there when we call for it - but even if not directly superseding the state of panic; it remains readied when we may apply. If nothing else, then mercy is a powerful substance that rectifies the situation afterwards...and the gloom and painful memories are replaced by being above these fears. By adapting to , and controlling them. By rising above the madness.

It is then we become perfect examples of humanity - and of what human life teaches the world. It distinguishes us from simpler mammals -
and shows us how brilliant, we all really are

With with regard to 'legal' code and expectations by 'society' - we are often thrown a double-negative. We often wonder what makes some of those who ignore what is 'politically correct' as dubious as those who struggle to fit in the motto. Then when we question the stigma's of society outwardly, when in fear - we are often criticized and even humiliated.

"Oh well If I do this I'll be looked at like this or as this"

This is the problem with humanity and our "process of resolve"; you will never truly make it anywhere above the median if you think that way...seriously, who the hell cares - you make yourselves look more suspicious and idiotic when fear rises to the surface to justify what others call 'logic'. The LAW is NOT God and many of our laws are not even biblical !

Hence in any sort of objective you aim to complete 'within the lines' - it becomes only so unfruitful as the rest of the fools who scrub floors for free

Society is 'branding' people with a plethora of ridiculous stereotypes and yet the ones who disregard the possibilities often end up 'not being labeled' ....simply because we look suspicious or weak by being so conscious of society's standards. FEAR as powerful as it can be is often just a 'state of mind' that wreaks havoc on mental clarity and so I assure you - you can get away with more than you think by being less prudent and more disregarding of societies petty little headlines. 

If you want to truly take on a respectable form - you must have a near perfect balance between fear and logic; and most of the time - this is when fear is at 10-20% and not enough to 'lock' us into a pervasive but tempered 'fight or flight' response. 

You want to win in life - or perhaps get away with a bunch of 'unfavorable' or controversial acts ? Stop attesting your bravery and mind yourself - if you no longer become so mindful of labels then you have now the clarity to bypass simple error's in human perception. 

As such, you can re-program your mind to extinguish fear consolidation and / or simply dismiss fears by operating on your own standards . 

However, there is a degree of acceptability necessary to climb the latter.

So of course, it's about how you carry yourself - and especially about timing and analysis.

Put on a facade if necessary but maintain your INTEGRITY. 

You can't be labeled if you are clear-headed and even if you are ; there's ways out of it without political or collaborated anti-sabotage efforts. the guy who's 240 lbs and has to wear a skull and crossbones shirt should probably 're-advise' themselves on their torture porn connoisseur-ism and hide the shit in an encrypted file! Some people just don't 'have it' or seemingly aren't meant to get away with stuff...and again, usually because of a lack of flexibility...or you could argue about some 30 year old guy dating a 16 year old ridiculous as it sounds - there are ways to get away with it by disregarding societal standards, maintaining vigilance and most of all - being ' clean' and not leaving ' evidence ' behind. Additionally, if you are a hacker you can simply look up details of who they are / their family etc...

Then its just about personality alignment and veering in a fairly clean direction and also how much is exposed..but if you look like a zombie and rugged it will probably make it harder to get away with such I s'pose you still need a little 'fear' but as far as being labeled for such things - laugh at the concept of it (perhaps to yourself) and drift thy feeling into the abyss as if it doesn't exist... !

Political criminals and other perverted high-figures get away with it because they do not allow the thoughts and opinions of others to 'stab deep'; avoidance strategies are re-structured to look appreciable and under a new guise. One right action therefore can masquerade a thousand dark actions...and this is how political corruption comes along. 

Divert, DIVERT, DIVERT - if you hide your true intentions it's possible to get away with anything. 

Does this mean I agree with malicious intent or unscrupulous actions? No. It truly is about sending a message. So to the same by politicians and bankers who own most of the worlds power and resources - you see...because I'm simply showing you both the positives and negatives of fear - fear and anxiety not necessarily being the same thing but often co-ocurring. 

EVER STOP TO WONDER WHY Some Retail employee's get shot at a hold-up or bankers get shot during a robbery?


"I don't want to run the risk of being identified so I'll kill them as an 'insurance policy'.

So interestingly, fear often appears to others as fearlessness or  a lack of conscience. Fear often leads to the darkest acts and as such is present as a tool within AND by various criminal organizations... it is logical though, from their perspective, isn't it?

So therein lies the point - both too much fear and a complete lack of fear both = weakness and blindness.

But it is dependent on the situation and so interactions must be thoroughly analyzed whilst not causing yourself anxiety - and trust me..not many people have the necessary combination of patience and vigilance - paranoia is often seen as 'manic' and does us no good in such a neurotic form..only when stabilized and allocated as a computer would then perform necessary security swipe without compromising speed and you understand now?

Fear and fearlessness are one in the same - you just have to understand them both better than what most want you to or are too ignorant to understand themselves...

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