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Thursday, May 14, 2015

What Chemical/s, Drugs, Supplements can Produce Euphoria and yet Decrease Libido?

This question will mark the beginning of a set of 10 questions e-mailed to me, I am picking 10 worthy questions ., hard Scientific questions that do not have a very simple answer, at least to most people.

How can one produce euphoria and other symptoms of high dopamine, including high dopamine itself and yet reduce libido?

There are two main main ways this can be done.

1.) Use of narcotics of the opiate class, specifically those with a high blood brain barrier penetration - those with psychotropic properties...the reason for this is opiates can raise dopamine in behavior related areas while antagonizing it or generally diminishing activity in the areas concerned with governing sexual behavior. 

Opiates can increase dopamine receptor expression and also have a diverse effect on serotonin whilst lowering acetylcholine levels - this leads to a trance-like-euphoric state at the right dose, but due to inhibition of sexual circuitry, it usually goes along with a decreased libido.

This is also due to oxytocin antagonism by opiate drugs and the inhibition of glutamate neurons necessary to express a normal libido.

  • -One may be euphoric, but un-empathic.
  • -It is not a tactical euphoria, but a self-centered one.
  • -It has some parallel's to LSD, but many differences and less chance of hallucinations.

2.)  Use of NMDA-receptor antagonists.

Such as memantine (Namenda XR etc) or ketamine and other similar tranquilizers
These can produce euphoria and / or grandiosity but they can also produce psychotic symptoms. It is a transient euphoria, but less energy rigging than opiate related euphoria.

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