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Friday, May 29, 2015

How to Become Sensitive to Nitric Oxide Sups Again (Regain Sensitivity to N.O Products / Make N.O Products Work Again)

Alot of the nitric oxide products out there are very effective for helping to build muscle, enhance fat loss - and most of all - enhance the workout 'pump'. There are basic and advanced nitric oxide supplements, and yet, one question many people ask is "WHY do nitric oxide products lose effectiveness over time" or "why do nitric oxide products no longer work for me"

This can occur both in those using them for workout purposes or as a sexual aide. It is an occurrence that IS very real but doesn't necessarily have to do with the product ITSELF fact - the most common reasons for lessened responsivity  to N.O products are usually something to do with the person taking them. 

It could have to do with prescription medications that the person is taking, or it could have to do with the person using other supplements that are directly opposing the effects of the nitric oxide supplements.

Before proceeding past the other/miscellaneous factors. Please make sure that the following do not apply to you. 

  • Are you taking the stomach acid blocking pills ZANTAC or TAGAMET? These pills can lower central nitric oxide production by blocking histamine receptors.
  • Are you taking finasteride or other ~5alpha-reductase inhibitors~ used for hair loss or prostate enlargement? - these can cause estrogen dominance and low testosterone levels - which can negatively impact nitric oxide efficiency and production.
  • Do you have low testosterone levels ?
  • Do you take SSRI anti-depressants or anti-psychotic drugs?
  • Do you take benzodiazepine drugs for anxiety?
  • Do you take beta-blocker drugs for high blood pressure such as propanolol or bicoprolol?
  • Are you using ST.John's wort, albizzia, licorice root or other natural herbs that may negatively affect endocrine function?
  • Do you have a history of heart disease and / or diabetes? - both conditions are both associated and rooted in nitric oxide dysfunction.

If any of the above DO apply - talk to your doctor about making changes in your medication routine - such as 

  • Switching ZANTAC or TRAGAMET for a safer stomach acid control medication such as PRILOSEC or another proton pump inhibitor. In more technical terms, switch your histamine H2 antagonist drug for a proton pump inhibitor for stomach acid control.
  • Switch your blood pressure medication like a beta blocker - with an ACE inhibitor instead....ANGIOTENSIN-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE inhibitors) have less sexual side-effects and less effects on nitric oxide production as well.
  • Lower the dose of psychiatric drugs and / or switch to non-anti-glutamatergic medications - e.g switch SSRI to a dopamine reuptake inhibitor such as bupropion for depression or consider a NaSSA medication like trazodone or mianserin for depression instead. You could also use vortioxetine instead of SSRI which won't negatively affect nitric oxide production.

Now, let's get back to the OTHER MISCELLANEOUS, main cause of nitric oxide products no longer working / lessening in effect. 

The main cause of nitric oxide products no longer working is a CENTRAL NITRIC OXIDE SYNTHASE (nNOS) DEFICIENCY. 

Without the production of the synthase enzyme, arginine, citrulline and many other supplements will fail to convert into active nitric oxide. 

One of the main ways we can correct this on both a HORMONAL and enzymatic level - is by supplementing with a precursor neurosteroid supplement - these are not illegal or scheduled substances - we are talking supplements that most people overlook such as RS transaderm or PHYTOSERMS. 

The reason is because nitric oxide synthases are triggered by neurosteroids and by glutamate, which brings me to my next point.

If either of these paradigms fit you - read the rest of the respective article for suggestions on how to correct the molecular disturbance leading to the lack of functional response to nitric oxide boosting supplements.

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