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Friday, May 1, 2015

Where there Shall be a Base Reference, there Shall be the Tools to Learn

One of the many common ways we as people learn, is by memorizing stupid little references from people, either third-party conversations or direct conversations - that may not have meant much at the time - but as we remember - we can use the words of seemingly wise men and women to influence further research.

Societal interaction is necessary, even if for a few moments to take a basis for research and learning into our lives - whether it's the words of patients in an exam room - or whether it is the motto of an artist - surely, we can learn a lot simply by looking at words and activating them as a reference..or as an excuse to think outside of the box.

In alternative words - that means that we can discover new area's of interest or expand on knowledge simply by investigating what people have said to us in the past, it only takes two things.

  • Memory
  • The Internet is not just through these references people can learn - but from posters, excerpts from books, studies ....that's how I got started on my quest for enlarging my bouquets of  knowledge - therefore what was the first investigation led to hundreds of others.
In contrast to years ago, I have much more knowledge than I ever even wanted to learn - all because life is so inexplicably amazing - and every event can be turned into a magnificent learning experience....what is externalized can be brought into you - and grow into something much stronger.

All that you need is a strong , untampered will  - one willing to go forward, and not willing to be sapped by arrogant partitions of humanity which have no role in your expansion. Ignore negativity, and play the role of the fiery lion except that your food is knowledge , accept that your food is knowledge, then paragraphs like what you see here will make sense because enthusiasm grows strong where there is a passion.

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