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Saturday, May 30, 2015

How to Regain Sensitivity to PDE-5 Inhibitors (!) (Make PDE-5 Inhibitors Work Again)

This article aims to parallel it's predecessor; how to regain sensitivity to nitric oxide products. Except in this case, we are specifically talking about gaining back sensitivity to PDE-5 Inhibitors - both natural and pharmaceutical. 

This includes Sildenafil (Viagra) , Tadalafil (Cialis) , Vardenafil (Levitra), Icariin, Berberine, Xanthoparmelia etc...

Because the above chemicals/products act to disable / inhibit the enzyme that breaks down cGMP and thus promoting vasodilation by enhancing the level of this molecule (cGMP) - the common physiological cause of losing sensitivity to these products isn't purely based on adaptive changes by chronic fact, chronic use of these drugs or any PDE-5 inhibitors should improve benefits over time...however, if you body fails to produce nitric oxide or cGMP - then there won't be much to preserve by means of PDE5 inhibitors. 

Thus, the main mechanism is to act upon the pathways that stimulate the actual production of cGMP. That way PDE-5I's may provide preservation of the cGMP already being produced.

A valuable way to do this would be to supplement with neurosteroid precursors that enhance nitric oxide synthesis and cGMP.

I recommend transdermal application of both DHEA and Pregnenolone. It's the simplest way to address any variety or degree of cGMP deficiency - without risking side-effects that may be associated with other methods.

I recommend transdermal delivery as in using something like RS Transaderm shown below - because oral DHEA and pregnenolone may be eaten up quickly by digestive acids. Simply click the image or link above to go to the product page

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